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Monsanto Roundup Trial Schedule

Roundup Trial Schedule

Updated Nov. 2018 

Monsanto Company (now Bayer) is facing thousands of lawsuits across the United States filed by individuals who allege exposure to Roundup weed killer caused them to develop non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The first trial against Monsanto ended on August 10, 2018 with a unanimous jury verdict of $289 million for a Benicia, California school district groundskeeper, Dewayne “Lee” Johnson.

Most of the Roundup cancer lawsuits are filed in various state courts. Others have been consolidated in a federal multidistrict litigation (MDL) in Northern California.

Below you will find the Monsanto Roundup trial schedule for cases throughout the U.S. This page will be updated on a monthly basis.

Federal Monsanto Roundup Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) Schedule

In re: Roundup Products Liability Litigation (MDL No. 2741)
U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California
San Francisco, CA
Lead Case No. 3:16-md-02741

The Honorable Judge Vince Chhabria is the presiding judge. As of October 2018, 1,654 plaintiffs with non-Hodgkin lymphoma had filed cases in federal courts across the country. These cases are consolidated before the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

Baum, Hedlund, Aristei & Goldman senior partner Michael Baum is a member of the Executive Committee for the Monsanto Roundup MDL.

In September of 2018, Judge Chhabria identified potential bellwether cases for trial dates, though he is seeking a larger pool.

The first Roundup MDL trials are set to begin on Feb. 25, 2019 and May 6, 2019.

The potential bellwether cases are as follows:

Hardeman v. Monsanto, Case No. 3:16-cv-00525 (first MDL trial on 2/25/19)
Stevick v. Monsanto, Case No. 3:16-cv-02341
Gebeyehou v. Monsanto, Case No. 3:16-cv-05813

Monsanto Roundup Trial Schedule for State Court Cases


Roundup Judicial Council Coordination Proceedings (JCCP No. 4953)
California Superior Court for the County of Alameda
Oakland, California

Many of the cases filed in California state courts are consolidated in the Roundup JCCP.

The Honorable Judge Ioana Petrou is the presiding judge in the Roundup JCCP. As of October 2018, 252 state court cases have been consolidated before the California Superior Court for the County of Alameda.

Baum, Hedlund, Aristei & Goldman attorney and partner R. Brent Wisner was named administrator and co-lead counsel for the Roundup JCCP.

No trial dates have been set in the Roundup JCCP. However, a joint preference (expedited) trial was requested for a husband and wife, Alva and Alberta Pilliod, who both have non-Hodgkin lymphoma following years of Roundup use together. Judge Ioana Petrou will review Alberta’s updated medical records and hold a hearing on the request on Nov. 7, 2018.

The Cooper/general causation hearing is scheduled for Jan. 25, 2019.


St. Louis City Court

22nd Circuit Court for the City of St. Louis
St. Louis, Missouri
Example Case No. 1622-CC01071

Thousands of cases are filed in St. Louis City Court and St. Louis County Court.

The first St. Louis City Court trial is scheduled for Feb. 5, 2019, in the Circuit Court for the City of St. Louis. The case is Ronald Peterson and Jeff Hall v. Monsanto Company.

The next St. Louis City Court trial will likely not happen until October 2019. The case will be for 15 plaintiffs joined together.

Two other trials in this court are scheduled for Jan. 21, 2020 and March 23, 2020.

Liability and specific causation discovery for each case is ongoing.

St. Louis County Court

21st Circuit Court for the County of St. Louis
St. Louis County, Missouri

The first St. Louis County Court trial is scheduled to take place on April 22, 2019. The Plaintiff is Sharlean Gordon. Her case is part of the Adams complaint.

Two subsequent trials in St. Louis County are scheduled for occur in June and September 2019. Three other trials are scheduled for 2020.

Liability and specific causation discovery for each case is ongoing.


Montana 18th Judicial District Court Gallatin County
Bozeman, Montana
Example Case No. DV 17-883C

Plaintiff with terminal cancer in Cazier v. Monsanto filed a motion for priority trial. The case is likely to be heard in 2019. No trial date has been set.


Superior Court of the State of Delaware
Example Case No. N16C-04-037 VLM

Dozens of lawsuits against Monsanto have been filed in Superior Courts for the state of Delaware. No trial dates are currently scheduled.