Central California Truck Crashes

Central California Truck Crashes

A majority of California’s agriculture and livestock cultivation is based in Central California. The region feeds not just the state but much of the country as well.

Due to the high concentration of commercial truck traffic, Central California sees many fatal and injurious trucking accidents on an annual basis. According to traffic statistics provided by the California Highway Patrol, Central California sees an average of 72 fatal truck crashes and 976 injury crashes involving trucks every year, making it one of the most dangerous regions in the state.

For a more detailed account of Central California truck crashes, check out the interactive truck crash map at the bottom of this page, where you can find details on individual crashes in the region.

Central Valley Truck Accidents

One of the reasons that there is a high volume of fatal Central California truck crashes is the large number of trucks traversing through the Central Valley on a daily basis. Fresno and Bakersfield, in particular, are cities that see a high volume of truck traffic.

The Central Valley is home to two dangerous stretches of road that are widely used by truckers: Interstate 5 and Highway 99.

Interstate 5 (I-5) is a route that begins at the Mexico border and crosses the length of California into Oregon. I-5 is heavily traveled by big rigs transporting agricultural products from the Central Valley to places throughout the state and the country.

Highway 99 covers 424 miles, from just north of the Grapevine through Red Bluff. A stretch of Highway 99 that traverses through Fresno and other cities in the Central Valley is considered the most dangerous road in America, according to a report by Value Penguin.

Central Valley Truck Crash Stats

Fatal Truck Accidents Per Year (Avg.): 61*

Injury Truck Accidents Per Year (Avg.): 829*

Most Dangerous County (Avg.): Kern**

Central Coast Tractor Trailer Crashes

Among the most widely-used routes in California’s Central Coast are Highway 101 and State Route 1 (also known as the Pacific Coast Highway, or simply Highway 1)

Highway 101 (U.S. 101) runs from Los Angeles all the way up to the Oregon state line. In the Central Coast, it connects the cities of Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo to the Bay Area up north and to Los Angeles down south.

California State Route 1 has many twists and turns that can be taken too fast by car and truck drivers, making the road treacherous, particularly at night.

Central Coast Semi Truck Crash Stats

Fatal Truck Accidents Per Year (Avg.): 10*

Injury Truck Accidents Per Year (Avg.): 137*

Most Dangerous County: Santa Barbara**

Sierra Mountains Semi Truck Crashes

The Sierra Mountains region, located in the eastern part of California, typically does not see a great deal of truck traffic, so accidents are rare in the region.

The most heavily used route in the area is U.S. Route 395, which connects the small towns in the Sierras, like Mammoth and Bishop, to various parts of Southern California.

Sierra Mountains Tractor Trailer Crash Stats

Fatal Truck Accidents Per Year (Avg.): 1*

Injury Truck Accidents Per Year (Avg.): 10*

Most Dangerous County (Avg.): Inyo and Mono Counties average less than one fatal crash per year each**

Central California Accident Attorneys

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Central California Truck Crashes Locator Map

The following interactive truck crash map illustrates the prevalence of Central California truck crashes. Each map shows individual truck crash data from within the region. Truck accidents appear as individual pins, which show the location (either exact or approximate) and other reported details. Each pin is interactive, and can be clicked on to view more information on a crash.

Truck Accident Heat Map

Exact Location

Approximate Location

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*Based on statistics from California Highway Patrol aggregated over a five-year period

**Based on average fatal truck crashes per year, aggregated over a five-year period