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Driver Arrested After Virginia Beach Truck Crash Kills High School Senior

A Virginia community is in shock after a suspected drunk driver hit two of their graduating seniors while they were returning from a day at the beach. One of the seniors was killed in the crash and the other remains in critical condition, while multiple charges have been laid against [...]

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Putnamville Truck Crash Results in Fire and Fatalities

Officials continue to investigate a Putnamville truck crash involving a semi-truck, a flatbed truck and a passenger vehicle that took the lives of all three people in the passenger vehicle as well as one of the truck drivers. Elsewhere in Indiana, a truck crash in Gary proved fatal for one [...]

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Othello Truck Crash One of Many in Washington State This Month

A 58-year-old man is dead after losing control of the semi-truck he was driving and crashing south of Othello in Washington. His truck caught fire during the crash, spreading fire to nearby brush which moved dangerously close to a house in the vicinity before firefighters were able to extinguish the [...]

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Research Suggests Underride Truck Crash Deaths Could Be Prevented

Of the many semi-truck accidents that take place across the country, arguably none are more devastating than an underride truck crash, where another vehicle collides with the rear or side of a big rig and is shoved underneath the truck. In an underride truck accident, the injuries are often fatal [...]

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Camp Creek Truck Crash Kills Family of Four

A family of four is dead after a devastating accident in West Virginia during a road trip to see family over spring break. The mini-van the North Carolina family was driving in was hit by a semi-truck that had crossed the median, a grim reminder of the devastation that can [...]

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One Dead in Fiery Port Allen Truck Crash

A massive Port Allen truck crash involving five vehicles has resulted in one death and four injuries. The accident was one of two recent fatal accidents in Louisiana involving 18-wheelers, which has some people calling for stricter safety regulations for the trucking industry. Port Allen Truck Crash April 19, 2017 [...]

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Queens Truck Accident Traps Vehicle Under Semi

After their vehicle collided with a semi-truck—trapping them underneath the big rig—two men in Queens had to be extricated by first responders and taken to a hospital, where the driver of the vehicle was listed in critical condition. Recent weeks have seen a series of dangerous semi-truck accidents that have [...]

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St. Johns County Truck Crash Kills One

A St. Johns County truck crash has taken the life of a 24-year-old woman, who died when the semi-truck driving behind her on I-95 failed to stop for slowed traffic. Officials say this is the sixth fatality on that stretch of Florida’s I-95 in 10 months. Investigators will now piece [...]

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Saranac Truck Crash is First Fatal Crash at Dangerous Intersection

A truck crash involving two semi-trucks and a pickup truck near Saranac, Michigan, has left one man dead and sent two people to the hospital with serious injuries. Although crashes are common at the intersection where the accident occurred, this is the first fatal truck crash. Two Semis and a [...]

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Anderson Truck Crash Kills Elderly Woman

An elderly woman running errands in Anderson, South Carolina, lost her life when a Mack truck barreled through a red light and crashed into her vehicle. Now, the community of Anderson is mourning her loss, along with the tragedy of her life being taken on the last day of her [...]

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