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Truck Collides With Train in Nevada Amtrak Crash

A big rig collided with an Amtrak train as it crossed U.S. Highway 95 in rural Nevada on Friday morning, killing at least six and injuring at least 94 people. The driver of the big rig failed to recognize rail crossing signs indicating the Amtrak train was crossing the highway, [...]

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Snow Groomer Accident Victim Sues Michigan’s Mt. Brighton Ski Resort

January 19, 2011, Detroit, Michigan  -- The family of a young Canadian boy severely injured when he was run over by a snow groomer in 2008, has filed a personal injury lawsuit against the Michigan-based ski area, Mt. Brighton, Inc., and the driver of the snow groomer, Robert Sturgis. Baum [...]

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Oregon Family Sues After Fatal Food Express Truck Crash

Los Angeles, California – The husband and adult children of an Oregon woman are suing Food Express, Inc. of Arcadia, California for negligence and wrongful death. Robin Rae Udey Robin Rae Udey was killed when Ronald Jory, operating a Kenworth tractor hauling two tanker trailers for Food Express, [...]

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U.S. Senate and Truck Safety Coalition Working on Improving Trucking Safety

The United States Senate and the Truck Safety Coalition are working to improve trucking safety throughout the country. At this time many road deaths and injuries are caused by truck related crashes. At an April 28, 2010 hearing the Senate Surface Transportation Subcommittee began work on pending trucking legislation. This [...]

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2009 Truck Accidents in the News

Big Rig Strikes and Kills Pedestrian in Riverbank, California December 30, 2009 An 18-wheeler tractor trailer struck a woman as she wheeled her bicycle through a pedestrian crosswalk at Atchison Street in Riverbank, California on Wednesday morning.  The big rig was making a right hand turn and failed to see [...]

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Family Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Multiple Vehicle Pile-up on I-40 near Barstow, California

Los Angeles, California, December 18, 2009 - - The surviving Ramirez brothers filed a lawsuit today against the four trucking companies and the truck drivers involved in the Nov. 9, 2008 fatal multi-vehicle collision on I-40 near Ludlow, California which resulted in the tragic death of their father, Jose Ramirez, [...]

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Judge Upholds $7M Verdict | Adds Over $1.5M Pre-judgment and Post-judgment Interest in Tyson Foods Truck Crash

October 31, 2007, Cleveland, Ohio - - A federal court judge in Ohio has delivered a strong rebuke to Arkansas-based Tyson Foods, denying their requests for a new trial or reduction of the verdict in a horrific truck crash caused by one of its drivers near Crestline, Ohio in 2004. [...]

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The Large Truck Crash Causation Study

The Large Truck Crash Causation Study, released in March 2006, was commissioned by The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to review the causes of, and contributing factors to, crashes involving commercial motor vehicles. While previous data focused on specific crashes and/or individual causes of crashes, this study was the first nation-wide [...]

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