Pharmaceutical Articles

pharmaceutical articles

  • Outsmarting the “Learned-intermediary Doctrine” Defense Against Big Pharma
    The Advocate
    February 2010, pg 62
  • Defense Medical Exams (DMEs),
    Practical Ways to Limit Physical and Mental Examinations

    FORUM, Consumer Attorneys of California
    January/February 2008
  • Focus on Facts to Defeat Preemption
    March 1, 2007
  • Preemption and Negligent Pharmacovigilance
    ATLA Education Seminar
    Protecting the Public: Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Litigation
    November 2006
  • Discovery of FDA and Other Regulatory Agency Evidence
    ATLA Education Reference Materials
    ATLA 2006 Annual Convention
  • Preemption and the FDA — Politics as Usual
    ATLA Winter Convention Reference Materials, Track II:
    Protecting the Public: Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Litigation
    February 2006
  • The FDA, Drug Manufacturers, And SSRI Preemption: A Match Made In Heaven?
    Mealey’s Litigation Report Antidepressant Drugs
    November 2005
  • What Happened to the FDA?
    Harris Martin’s Columns: Drugs & Supplements
    July 2005
  • Internet Disclaimers: Do they waive the attorney-client privilege protection?
    ABA Conference “The Future of Class Action Litigation in America”
  • The FDA’s Dilemma: Safety Failures, Public Scrutiny, and Industry Influence
    ATLA Education Reference Materials
  • A Cure Worse Than the Disease
    “Recent FDA actions and newly disclosed research on the link between antidepressants and suicide – especially among young people – are strengthening plaintiffs’ claims against drug makers”
  • The Antidepressant Controversy: The Growth Of A New Area Of Litigation
    Mealey’s Litigation Report Antidepressant Drugs
  • The Fox in the Chicken Coop
    FDA’s Recent Intervention in Pharmaceutical Litigation
    ATLA Education