Fatal Plane Crash on Horse Racetrack in Los Angeles County

A recent plane crash on the Fairplex horse racetrack in Los Angeles County resulted in the tragic death of the pilot. It was not immediately clear if any passengers were on the plane. Apparently, the pilot was headed for a nearby airport when the accident occurred. The Federal Aviation Agency and the National Transportation Safety Board in Los Angeles County are investigating the cause of the crash.

Because the single-engine plane went down in an isolated area of the racetrack, no damages or injuries to the race horses or their riders were reported. The main question is the cause of the accident. An investigation could determine if pilot error was responsible or whether the single-engine Mooney M20M was defective in some way. Another possibility is that a maintenance issue might have contributed to or caused the tragedy.

According to the coroner, the condition of the wreckage will make for a lengthy process to determine all the facts. The National Transportation Safety Board often requires two or more months to complete their analysis, though preliminary information is usually available within several weeks.

In their time of grief, the pilot’s family will surely want to know exactly what occurred, as will the families of any passengers. California law provides for the legal right of a victim’s estate to sue for wrongful death in those instances where the negligence of another caused or contributed to a fatal accident. If negligent parties are found to have caused a death in a plane crash, surviving family members have the right to hold the responsible parties fully accountable for any funeral expenses, lost wages, or pain and suffering that may have resulted from the loss of a loved one.

Source: sgvtribune.com, “Pilot dies in crash on Fairplex racetrack,” Jannise Johnson, Nov. 18, 2011

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