Fatal Los Angeles County Helicopter Crash Results in Lawsuit

Earlier this year on our Los Angeles personal injury law blog, we had mentioned that three individuals were killed in a Bell 206B Jetranger helicopter crash in northern Los Angeles County. The individuals were part of a reality television crew that had been filming in the area for a Discovery Channel show.

The accident caused some in the acting and filming industries to question whether reality TV shows push the limits when it comes to the safety of crew and cast members while filming certain shots. At the time when the helicopter accident occurred in February, investigators were not quite sure what had caused the accident to happen, but investigators were looking into possible factors such as pilot error, poor weather conditions and maintenance failures.

Although the National Transportation Safety Board is still in the process of conducting a thorough investigation of the horrific crash, one victim’s mother has filed a lawsuit over the crash. The mother claims that her son was killed because the helicopter’s operators and the producers of the reality show were negligent during the filming of the TV show. The woman is seeking compensation for her son’s wrongful death.

The fatal helicopter crash happened on Feb. 10. Three men were killed in the accident, including the pilot. The men were part of a crew and cast that had been filming a scene for a military-themed reality show.

The plaintiff is accusing the pilot and the two companies that operated the helicopter of negligently operating the helicopter during filming for the reality show. The plaintiff claims that the show’s producers, the operators of the helicopter and the pilot had failed to make sure the helicopter was safe and properly equipped for filming the scene at night.

The victim’s mother is seeking compensation for her son’s pain and suffering endured during the crash. The woman is also seeking damages for loss of companionship and pain and suffering resulting from the tragic and unexpected loss of her son. Although no amount of money will ever fix what happened to the woman and her son, taking legal action may help the woman obtain some sort of justice for her son’s death.

Source: Associated Press, “Suit filed over copter crash during reality shoot,” May 30, 2013

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