An airplane crash in any metropolitan area can have potentially disastrous consequences for many people. The extent of the destruction often extends to property damage, but can also cause physical hard to innocent victims. Continuing health problems for those exposed to any fire and debris resulting from the plane crash can be a concern as well.

A single-engine Cessna 210 plane went down near Tehachapi, California on Sept. 4. The consequences from the Sunday afternoon accident were devastating. The two occupants of the airplane were killed immediately and the explosion from the crash started a wildfire. Police did not say why the plane crashed.

The flames quickly spread through the California brush, threatening about 100 homes. Reports indicate one home was burned to the ground, but there were no injuries. The wildfire is said to have charred more than 3,500 acres. As of Monday, fire officials said the fire was at zero containment.

While it is awful the pilot and his passenger lost their lives, questions may arise as to who is responsible for the property damage caused thereafter. The answer will be important in assessing culpability and settling the numerous claims that will arise from the accident.

Personal injury law entitles those injured by the negligent acts of others to compensation and the substantial property damage caused will also spark claims for monetary compensation. A Los Angeles attorney intent on helping victims of plane crashes and their families hold responsible parties accountable may answer questions and work to ensure some measure of justice for any wrongs committed.

Source: CBS News, “Small plane crash sparks Calif. wildfire,” Sep. 5, 2011