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Report: Pilot Error Cause of Air France Flight 447 Crash

When an airplane crashes with multiple fatalities involved there is a lengthy investigation that takes months, sometimes even years before an official report is released announcing the actual cause of the crash. Authorities scour through as much of the evidence as possible, including the black box along with flight records [...]

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NTSB: Pilot Error Main Cause of Private Plane Crashes

Last week, the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board held a two-day forum focused on ways to make non-commercial flying safer. While the number of accidents involved in commercial jetliners has fallen by approximately 85 percent since 2000, the number of private-pilot airplane crashes has increased by 20 percent in the same time [...]

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NTSB Statistics: General Aviation Accidents Increased Last Year

According to preliminary data released from the National Transportation Safety Administration, 2011 saw an increase in U.S. Civil general aviation accidents. Charter, tour, air taxi and medical flights classified as Part 135 operations experienced an increase in airplane accidents, whereas scheduled Part 121 air carriers, or Part 135 scheduled commuter operations, [...]

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Father Sues Piper Aircraft for Poorly Designed Aircraft

A father who lost his daughter in a November 2010 crash involving a Piper Seminole plane is suing the plane's maker and several other companies named in the suit for strict liability and negligence. The plaintiff's 26-year-old daughter, a certified flight instructor, was a passenger on Piper Seminole four-passenger aircraft [...]

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Pilots Narrowly Escape Death After California Mid-Air Collision

A pair of California aviators narrowly escaped death earlier this week, after a mid-air collision between a Robinson R22 helicopter and a single-engine Beechcraft Bonanza plane brought both aircraft to the ground. The accident occurred outside of Anitoch, which is located about halfway between Oakland and Sacramento. The helicopter was piloted by [...]

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Low Visibility Blamed in Crop-Duster Plane Crash

Many agricultural areas, including those in California, rely on crop-dusting planes to help keep their crops thriving. Crop-dusting, or "aerial application" as some call it, is an incredibly high-skill occupation. Pilots must fly very detailed patterns in order to ensure a field is properly treated. Further, because crop-dusters fly so [...]

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Four Injured in Ohio Single-Engine Plane Crash

Four people - two from California and two from Colorado - were injured late last month in a private plane crash in western Ohio. The group had rented a small single-engine Piper PA-28 aircraft from the local airport with the intent to take a short sightseeing ride. Soon after taking off, the [...]

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