Jennifer Yi

Heroes in the Passenger Cabin

As information on the Asiana crash continues to pour in, the biggest question most of us are asking is how did this happen? Others might find themselves wondering: “what would I have done if I were on that Boeing 777 on Saturday?” “Would I have helped my fellow travelers?” “Or would [...]

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승객 캐빈속의 영웅들

Heroes in the Passenger Cabin 아시아나 충돌에 대한 정보가 끝없이 들어오면서 , 여러 사람들 대화속에 나오는 제일 큰 질문은 ‘이게 어떻게 된 일인가? ’ 라는 질문이다. 어떤 사람들은  "내가 그 토요일날 보잉 777에 타 있었으면 어떻게 했을까?” -  “내 동료 여행자를 도와줬을까?” -  “혼자 출구쪽으로 뛰어 나갔을까?” 라는 질문들을 자신에게 [...]

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Baum Hedlund is Investigating the Mi Joo Tour & Travel Ltd., Bus Crash near Pendleton, Oregon

Our bus accident litigation team consists of 10 attorneys, including Jennifer Yi. Ms. Yi is an attorney and a member of the Korean American Bar Association. She previously worked on the trial team representing the family of a Korean businessman, Si Young Lee, who was killed in a crash of a Robinson helicopter [...]

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