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After Fatal FedEx Truck Crash, Safety Advocates Call for Barrier Rails Along California Highways

As an investigation into last week's fatal crash in Orland between a tour bus and a tractor trailer continues, safety advocates are voicing concerns over the lack of barriers dividing traffic on California's rural highways. The crash, which involved a FedEx double trailer truck and a tour bus, left 10 [...]

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Contact Senators to Oppose Deadly Inhofe Amendment

Background As the Senate considers the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development (THUD) appropriations bill, S. 1243, an amendment has been filed that will threaten the safety of motorists and workers, result in more deaths and injuries and increase costs to taxpayers. An amendment filed by Senator Inhofe (R-OK), will greatly [...]

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2012 Truck Accidents in the News

Man Killed After Being Hit by Tractor Trailer Boston, Massachusetts - December 24, 2012 An 80-year-old man was killed Monday afternoon after being struck by a tractor trailer. The fatal big rig accident happened at around 1:30 p.m. near a loading dock at Saint Elizabeth's Medical Center. Authorities say the tractor trailer, [...]

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California Motorcyclist Killed in JCI Jones Chemicals Truck Crash

Los Angeles, California - - The family of Galo Ulloa, killed in a Burbank, California tractor trailer crash, filed a wrongful death lawsuit on Monday March 6, 2012, case number CV12-1889-CBM (MANx), in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California in Los Angeles against Sarasota, Florida-based JCI [...]

2011 Truck Accidents in the News

DOT’s New Hours of Service Regulation for Truck Drivers Not Enough to Ensure Road Safety, Experts Say Washington, D.C. - December 22, 2011 Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced new rules on December 22 that will revise the hours of service (HOS) safety requirements for commercial truckers. The new rule is [...]

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DOT Hours of Service Regulation is Not Enough For Truck Safety

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced new rules on December 22 that will revise the hours of service (HOS) safety requirements for commercial truckers. The new rule is being praised by the Department of Transportation’s Federal motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) as a “culmination of the most extensive and transparent public [...]

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Mother of Spectator Killed in Deadly Mojave Desert Off-Road Crash Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Baum, Hedlund, Aristei & Goldman is representing the estate of a young man killed in the August 14 California 200 race accident that claimed a total of eight lives and injured dozens of others. Andrew Therrien was just 22-years-old when he abruptly lost his life at the Johnson Valley Off-Highway [...]

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Widow Sues Four Companies for Husband’s Death in Pennsylvania Truck Crash Lawsuit

August 10, 2011, Scranton, Pennsylvania – The widow of a man killed in a 2009 Pennsylvania tractor trailer accident filed a lawsuit today in U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania against the four companies and the truck driver involved in the fatal crash. Ann Dugas, a United [...]

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Truck Collides With Train in Nevada Amtrak Crash

A big rig collided with an Amtrak train as it crossed U.S. Highway 95 in rural Nevada on Friday morning, killing at least six and injuring at least 94 people. The driver of the big rig failed to recognize rail crossing signs indicating the Amtrak train was crossing the highway, [...]

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