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Four Family Members Killed in Union County Truck Crash

Two sisters and the two sons of one of those sisters died while on their way to visit relatives in North Carolina. One person described the truck crash in Union County as "the worst fatality" the area has ever seen, and relatives are in shock at the fatal accident, which [...]

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NHTSA Releases Report on Tesla and Truck Collision

Earlier this year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released its report into the fatal 2016 collision between a Tesla Model S and a semi-truck. In its report, the NHTSA shares blame between the Tesla's driver and the driver of the tractor-trailer, who failed to yield the right of [...]

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Adrenaline Mob Truck Crash Claims Second Victim

Janet Rains, the tour manager for Adrenaline Mob who sustained serious injuries when the band was involved in a truck crash on July 14, 2017 near Micanopy, FL, has died from her injuries. David Zablidowski, the band's bassist, was killed at the time of the crash. Rains, who often went [...]

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U.S. Drops Truck Driver Sleep Apnea Testing

In a move that has been highly criticized by trucking safety advocates and experts alike, U.S. officials have announced they are dropping plans to require truck drivers and train engineers to undergo testing for sleep apnea. Both the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)—which [...]

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Sandy Creek Truck Crash Renews Trucking Safety Calls

A devastating truck crash in New York that took the lives of four people has renewed calls for increased truck safety. Among the advocates calling for stronger safety measures in the trucking industry is U.S. Senator Charles Schumer, who called on federal regulators to require tractor-trailers be equipped with underride [...]

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Micanopy Truck Crash Kills Band Member

The bassist for a popular heavy metal band, Adrenaline Mob, is dead after a multiple-vehicle crash in Micanopy, Florida. The crash involved the band's RV, a truck and trailer with their equipment, and a tractor trailer. Other members of the band and their entourage were injured in the crash, some [...]

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Underride Truck Crash Prevention Experts Question Federal Laws

Experts working to prevent horrific underride truck crashes say federal laws don't protect motorists from the catastrophic accidents. Underride crashes—often the most gruesome crashes involving tractor-trailers—occur when a smaller vehicle becomes lodged underneath a semi-truck. Underride accidents frequently result in fatalities, but experts say such deaths are preventable. The Horrors [...]

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Mansfield Truck Crash Turns Fiery and Fatal

Massachusetts has long been one of the safer states in the nation for drivers, but some studies indicate that its roads are getting more dangerous. The National Safety Council, for example, found a 13 percent increase in fatal motor vehicle accidents in Massachusetts between 2015 and 2016. These statistics seem to [...]

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Michigan Police Claim Distracted Driving in Paw Paw Truck Crash

A Paw Paw truck crash on I-94 left a woman dead and sent several people to the hospital. Meanwhile, traffic from the fatal Michigan semi-truck accident triggered another crash in the area. The two accidents were preceded by a truck crash that caused an explosive fire on I-696. Fatal Michigan [...]

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Pennsylvania Truck Accident Lawsuit Filed in Wake of Crash That Left Two Young Boys with Severe Injuries

June 7, 2017, Chester County, Pennsylvania - - The law firm of Baum Hedlund Aristei & Goldman has filed a lawsuit on behalf of Shannon Webb, the mother of two young children who sustained severe and permanent injuries in a January 2016 truck crash in London Township, Pennsylvania. Truck accident [...]

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