Mother Files Lawsuit Over Florida Truck Crash That Killed Her Son

Nov. 16, 2017 – Miami, Florida - - The mother of a 25-year old man who died in a 2015 truck crash in Santa Rosa County, Florida filed a wrongful death lawsuit today, accusing the tractor trailer driver involved in the accident, his employer and the owner of the trailer of [...]

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Truck Driver Charged in Fatal Fredericksburg Truck Crash

The families of two people killed in Fredericksburg, Virginia, by a semi-truck are grappling with grief and confusion as investigators determine what motive could have led the truck driver to maneuver into stopped traffic, killing two and injuring two more. It is one of several truck accidents around the state [...]

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Truck Driver Gets Life Sentence in 2011 Naples Truck Crash

A Frostproof, Florida man received a life sentence plus 15 years, after a jury in Wauchula determined that the man, who worked as a truck driver, was impaired by drugs when he struck a Toyota Corolla and killed the two women inside in 2011. The sentence has been hailed as [...]

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Desert Center Truck Crash Kills Three Men, Injures Girl

A semi-truck crash in Desert Center involving two big-rigs killed three men and seriously injured a little girl. It was one of multiple fatal accidents in California in recent days, highlighting the potential for danger on the road both to other motorists and to passengers in semi trucks. Young Girl [...]

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One Killed, One Critically Injured in Ventura Truck Crash

A fatal collision between a semi-truck and a pickup truck in Ventura left the driver of the semi trapped behind the wheel and the driver of the pickup dead. Such crashes are not unusual in California, where numerous fatal truck accidents occur weekly, often with the drivers of the tractor [...]

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Big-Rig Driver in Fatal Palm Springs Bus Crash Arrested

The big-rig driver who allegedly caused a deadly bus crash in Palm Springs has been arrested for his role in the accident. Thirteen people died, and another 29 were injured in the October 23, 2016 crash. Bruce Guilford faces charges including vehicular manslaughter, felony reckless driving, and reckless driving. The [...]

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Cyclist Struck by Driver with Suspended License in Williamsburg

Investigations are ongoing into a Williamsburg truck crash that saw a dump truck driver with a suspended license illegally travel down a street before striking a cyclist. The cyclist sustained critical injuries, but survived. Truck accidents involving cyclists and pedestrians have been sadly common in both New York and New [...]

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NHTSA Data Shows Notable Increase in 2016 Truck Accident Fatalities

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) recently released 2016 fatal traffic crash data has confirmed the concerns of truck safety advocates around the country, with the statistics revealing a troubling rise in fatal accidents involving large trucks. The overview indicates a 5.4 percent increase in overall fatalities involving tractor-trailers [...]

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High School Students Injured in Needles Truck Crash

Students from Buckeye, Arizona were injured and shaken up after their school bus was hit from behind by a semi-truck and pushed into another semi-truck in front of them. The accident happened in Needles, California, and resulted in injuries and cancellation of the volleyball tournament they were traveling to. California [...]

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Two People Dead in Joliet Truck Crash

Two people died following a truck crash in Joliet that involved three semi trucks. The accident happened on Tuesday, September 26, on a stretch of Interstate 80 near Chicago, Illinois. It was one of three big rig crashes in Illinois in recent weeks, highlighting the dangers to other motorists who [...]

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