Driver Killed After Fiery Old East Dallas Truck Crash

It was more days of frightening truck headlines for a state that is the worst in the nation when it comes to crashes involving large trucks. Texas, which is the second-most populated U.S. state, had the highest number of annual fatal accidents involving large trucks for any of the states, [...]

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Five Die in Mount Pleasant Truck Crash, Including Mother and Children

A father is without his family, and a small town in Illinois is mourning the loss of four of their community members following a fatal Texas truck crash. The Brokish family—father, mother and three children—was traveling through Texas when they were involved in the deadly accident that took not only [...]

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17 People Injured in Whitewater Truck Crash Involving Tour Bus

Each week brings new truck crashes in California, a state known for its dangerous roads. The last few weeks have been no exception, with accidents around the Golden State including a crash between a semi-truck and a tour bus in Whitewater that sent 17 people on the tour bus to [...]

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Semi-Truck Driver Flees the Scene of Refugio Truck Crash

A semi-truck driver who fled the scene of a crash involving two motorcyclists in Refugio, Texas, has been arrested and charged by Texas police. The incident took the lives of both the motorcyclists, who were from Victoria, Texas. Police believe the truck driver was attempting to make a U-turn across [...]

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Two People Injured, Dog Killed in Shandon Truck Crash

A multi-vehicle truck crash that involved three semi-trucks in the Shandon region of California resulted in injuries, debris and a deceased dog. Officials believe the incident started with a big rig that veered into oncoming traffic, though the reason the driver lost control is unclear. The Shandon truck crash was [...]

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Underride Incident Kills One in Lake Elsinore Truck Crash

A Loma Linda man is dead after colliding with the back of a vehicle-carrier truck in Lake Elsinore, California, and getting stuck under the commercial truck. The accident is the most recent in the state to highlight the dangers large trucks can hold for other drivers and to illustrate the [...]

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Five People Killed in Rialto Cement Truck Crash

Traffic came to a standstill in Rialto, California, following a multiple-fatality incident on February 16, 2018. The accident involved a cement pump truck that careened through a center divider and into oncoming traffic. Drivers caught in the stopped traffic from the crash attempted to take alternate routes around the accident [...]

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Fatal Buffalo Truck Crash Renews Calls for Increased Safety

A fatal truck crash near Buffalo in January led New York Senator Charles Schumer to once again call for increased truck safety. Specifically, Schumer is concerned about underride accidents, particularly gruesome accidents that are usually fatal. Schumer and other advocates have repeatedly demanded that federal regulators require semi-trucks to carry [...]

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Santa Rosa Dump Truck Crash May Be Sign of Overweight Truck Problem

Safety concerns are swirling in Sonoma County after a dump truck carrying a load of fire-damaged debris careened past a red light and into traffic at the bottom of a hill. Overloaded hauling trucks have been the focus of complaints in the area as the city works to clear the [...]

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Eight People Injured After King George Truck Crash

Six students in King George County, Virginia, are lucky to be alive after the school bus they were riding in was rear-ended by a box truck that failed to slow when the bus pulled over to let a student off. The students on the bus sustained minor injuries, and some [...]

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