One Fatality and Numerous Injuries in Stanislaus County Truck Crash

One man is dead and numerous others injured in a truck crash in Stanislaus County that might have been prevented by the use of truck collision avoidance technology. Serious and fatal truck crashes are a near daily occurrence in the state of California, and the Stanislaus crash is just one [...]

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One Fatality in Fresno County Truck Crash

The holiday season has drawn to a close, but it leaves in its wake a string of California truck crashes. California is a state that's all too familiar with truck accidents: In 2015 (the latest data on record), California had the second most fatal large truck crashes in the country. [...]

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Visalia Truck Crash Sends Cab of Box Truck into Bedroom

A Visalia resident got the wakeup call of a lifetime when she awoke to the cab of a box truck slamming into her bed while she slept. The victim's brother, who owns the house, says that accidents are common at the intersection outside of the home, and wants city officials [...]

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Truck Driver Given Felony Charges For San Francisco Toll Booth Crash

Officials have handed seven felony charges to the driver of a rented box truck who plowed into a toll booth on the Bay Bridge on December 2, 2017, killing the worker inside. The charges solidify an initial arrest that was made at the scene after California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers [...]

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Congress Considering Underride Truck Crash Legislation

Underride crashes are among the most fatal and most preventable accidents involving semi-trucks, but despite recommendations from safety agencies, little has been done to prevent them. As a result, members of Congress have taken matters into their own hands, with lawmakers introducing a bipartisan bill that would require trucking companies [...]

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Lafayette Truck Crash Kills Two, Including Renowned Basketball Coach

A five-vehicle accident on Interstate 65 in Lafayette, Indiana, killed two people, including a well-known basketball coach. The crash occurred as traffic was stopped for a previous accident at around 3:20 p.m. on Tuesday, December 5. Authorities are investigating the crash, which has increased calls for truck safety on well [...]

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Bay Bridge Toll Booth Truck Crash Kills Longtime Caltrans Employee

A woman is dead and a driver arrested after a rented box truck from Monarch Truck Center hit a string of cars waiting at a Bay Bridge toll booth and then the toll booth itself, destroying the structure. Transportation workers along with responsible motorists are especially susceptible to the dangers [...]

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Four Young Women Killed in I-55 Truck Crash

Two sisters are among the victims of a fatal multi-vehicle accident involving a semi-truck in Hamel, Illinois. The crash, which occurred two days before Thanksgiving, is a stark reminder of the dangerous truck crashes that can accompany the holiday season and its increased highway travel. Hamel Truck Accident Described As [...]

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Trucking Industry Fights Against Safer Electronic Logging Device Rule

The battle is nothing new: Safety regulators like the U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) push for strengthened safety standards in the trucking industry, and the trucking industry pushes back. Recent years saw the FMCSA and NTSB make headway [...]

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Delaware Truck Accident Lawsuit Alleges Negligence, Wrongful Death

November 28, 2017 – Sussex County, Delaware -- The family of a 59-year old man who was struck and killed by a dump truck filed a wrongful death lawsuit today, accusing the truck driver and his employer of negligence. Attorneys Diane Marger Moore and Cara J. Luther from the law [...]