Southern California Truck Accidents

Southern California Truck Accidents

Southern California is one of the most congested driving regions in the world. This is largely due to the city of Los Angeles, which according to a number of analyses, is the worst traffic city in America. Unfortunately, the large amount of traffic is also associated with a large number of fatal and injurious truck accidents.

According to California truck accident statistics, Southern California sees an average of 113 fatal truck accidents and 2,978 injury crashes involving trucks each year, making Southern California the deadliest region in the state in terms of fatal truck accidents per year.

For a more detailed account of Southern California truck accidents, check out the interactive truck crash map at the bottom of this page, where you can find individual accident data.

Greater Los Angeles Truck Crashes

The greater Los Angeles area sees more car and truck traffic than any other part of the state, and the high amount of car and truck accidents each year is a reflection of how many people drive Los Angeles roads on a daily basis. Los Angeles County sees an average of 50 fatal truck accidents every year, according to data from the California Highway Patrol, more than any other county in the state by a wide margin.

Among the busiest roads in Los Angeles are Interstate 5, Interstate 10 and Interstate 710.

Interstate 5 (I-5) is used in the Los Angeles area by commuters heading into and out of Los Angeles from outer-lying Ventura, San Diego and Orange County.

Interstate 10 (I-10, or simply, “the 10 Freeway”) connects downtown Los Angeles to the west side cities of Brentwood and Santa Monica. I-10, or the 10 Freeway, is routinely crowded with traffic during the week by commuters and by beachgoers on the weekends. I-10 is also widely used by big rigs entering Los Angeles from out of state.

Interstate 405 (I-405 or “the 405”) is a north-south highway that, like I-5, widely-used by commuters and truckers going to Los Angeles from San Diego, Long Beach and Orange County. I-405 is the busiest, most congested highway in the United States. The 405, which merges with I-5 in Orange County is the highway of choice for people heading to Santa Monica and the west side of Los Angeles from areas south of the city.

Interstate 710 (I-710) is a big California trucking highway because it intersects with the Port of Los Angeles, an important economic hub for the state.

Greater Los Angeles Truck Accident Stats

Fatal Truck Accidents Per Year (Avg.): 57*

Injury Truck Accidents Per Year (Avg.): 1,971*

Most Dangerous County (Avg.): Los Angeles**

Greater San Diego Truck Accidents

The city of San Diego, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the state, is also home to over 1.3 million residents. While San Diego County is a congested urban center, it doesn’t see as many truck crashes as other major California counties, like Los Angeles County.

The most heavily-used roadways in this region of the state are Interstate 5 and Interstate 8.

I-5 connects San Diego to other Southern California cities in Orange County, the city of Long Beach and Los Angeles. From the city of San Diego, travelers can reach the U.S. border with Mexico in less than half an hour.

Interstate 8 (I-8) is used as a route into the San Diego by commuters from the outerlying suburbs and Imperial County. The highway is also San Diego County’s gateway to Arizona.

Greater San Diego Big Rig Crash Stats

Fatal Truck Accidents Per Year (Avg.): 15*

Injury Truck Accidents Per Year (Avg.): 275*

Most Dangerous County: San Diego**

Inland Empire Semi Truck Crashes

The Inland Empire is home to over four million people, many of which reside in the cities of Riverside, San Bernardino, Fontana and Moreno Valley. This area east of Los Angeles and Orange County is heavily traveled by truck drivers heading into Los Angeles from Arizona and other states.

The most heavily-used roads in the Inland Empire include Interstate 10 and Interstate 15.

Interstate 10 (I-10) brings considerable truck traffic to Southern California from other states. The highway is also utilized by tourists heading to the Palm Springs area for Coachella, one of the largest annual music festivals in the U.S.

Interstate 15 (I-15) connects Southern California to Las Vegas, Nevada. According to the Daily Beast, I-15 is the 4th most dangerous roadway in the country, with a fatal accident per mile rate of 1.52 (fatal accidents divided by total in-state highway miles).

Inland Empire Truck Accident Stats

Fatal Truck Accidents Per Year (Avg.): 42*

Injury Truck Accidents Per Year (Avg.): 732*

Most Dangerous County (Avg.): San Bernardino**

Southern California Truck Crash Attorney

If you have been involved in a Southern California truck accident, it is in your best interest to speak with a lawyer about your claim. The experienced truck accident attorneys at Baum, Hedlund, Aristei & Goldman have represented hundreds of victims in complex litigation associated stemming from tractor trailer accidents, securing justice on their behalf. In addition to protecting the rights of our clients, our firm has been a highway safety advocate, fighting to ensure that Southern California roadways are safe. Whether the accident was caused by distracted driving, improper vehicle maintenance, or negligence on the part of the trucking company, we are dedicated to ensuring those who are responsible for the accident are held accountable.

 Interactive Southern California Truck Accidents Map

The interactive truck crash map below illustrates how frequently Southern California truck accidents occur. Each map shows individual truck crash data from within the region, represented as pins. Each pin shows the location (either exact or approximate) of the accident, and in some cases, other reported details. The pins are interactive and can be clicked on for more information on an accident.

Truck Accident Heat Map

Exact Location

Approximate Location

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*Based on statistics from California Highway Patrol aggregated over a five-year period

**Based on average fatal truck crashes per year, aggregated over a five-year period