Northern California Truck Accidents

Northern California Truck Accidents

In an average year, there are 53 fatal Northern California truck accidents and 1,128 truck crashes causing injuries. Of the three regions in California – Northern, Central and Southern – Northern California sees the least amount of fatal truck accidents per year, but truck crashes of any number are equally devastating to the victims.

For a more detailed account of Northern California truck accidents, check out the interactive truck crash map at the bottom of this page, where you can find details on individual crashes in the area.

Bay Area Semi Truck Crashes

The Bay Area is one of the most congested regions in California, with hundreds of thousands of cars and trucks sharing the road on a daily basis. Some of the most dangerous stretches of road in the country are found in the Bay Area, including Interstate 80 (I-80), ranked number 16 on the Daily Beast’s deadliest highways list.

I-80 connects the cities around East Bay (Oakland, Fremont, Hayward, Berkeley and Richmond among others) and, according to California accident statistics, has a fatal accident per mile rate of 1.1 (total fatal accidents divided by the total highway miles in the state).

Bay Area Truck Accident Stats

Fatal Truck Accidents Per Year (Avg.): 24*

Injury Truck Accidents Per Year (Avg.): 658*

Most Dangerous County: Alameda**

Greater Sacramento Truck Crashes

The Greater Sacramento area is widely used by commuters and truckers. Interstate 5 (I-5), which runs from Southern California all the way up to the U.S. border with Canada, is one of the most dangerous roads in the country.

I-5, which connects the Northern California cities of Redding and Sacramento, has a fatal accident per mile rate of .85.

 In addition to highways and roadways, intersections can also be bad spots for crashes. According to a Sacramento Police Department analysis, the intersection of Folsom Boulevard and Howe Avenue in Sacramento has more traffic collisions than any other intersection in the city. With over 77,000 vehicles passing through the busy thoroughfare on a daily basis, it is easy to see why the intersection sees such a high volume of accidents every year.

Greater Sacramento Truck Accident Stats

Fatal Truck Accidents Per Year (Avg.): 17*

Injury Truck Accidents Per Year (Avg.): 347*

Most Dangerous County (Avg.): Sacramento**

North Coast Tractor Trailer Crashes

The North Coast of California is not a heavily traveled part of the state. As such, it doesn’t see the same volume of truck traffic as other regions in Northern California, so truck accidents in the North Coast are rare.

One of the most widely used traffic routes in the area is Highway 101 (also known as the “lifeline of the North Coast”), which connects small coastal towns of the North Coast to the Bay Area.

North Coast Tractor Trailer Crash Stats

Fatal Truck Accidents Per Year (Avg.): 6*

Injury Truck Accidents Per Year (Avg.): 41*

Most Dangerous County (Avg.): Mendocino**

North Sacramento Valley Big Rig Accidents

Much like the North Coast, the Northern Sacramento Valley doesn’t see many truck accidents. However, the region is utilized by truckers transporting goods to the Pacific Northwest via Interstate 5.

One particularly treacherous roadway in the Northern Sacramento Valley is California State Route 299 in Shasta County. With sharp curves and treacherous bends, CA 299 is dangerous for trucks, especially when drivers speed or spill into oncoming traffic.

Northern Sacramento Valley Tractor Trailer Accident Stats

Fatal Truck Accidents Per Year (Avg.): 6*

Injury Truck Accidents Per Year (Avg.): 82*

Most Dangerous County (Avg.): Shasta**

Northern California Truck Crash Lawyer

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Northern California Truck Accidents Frequency Map

The interactive truck crash map below illustrates the prevalence of Northern California truck accidents. Each map shows individual truck accident data from the region. Each truck accident appears as a pin, which shows the location (either exact or approximate). These pins are interactive, and can be clicked on to view more details about a particular crash.

Truck Accident Heat Map

Exact Location

Approximate Location

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*Based on statistics from California Highway Patrol aggregated over a five-year period

**Based on average fatal truck crashes per year, aggregated over a five-year period