TBI Resources

TBI Resources

Below are a few TBI resources for care and management after a TBI:

Brain Injury Association of America

BIAA is the leading national organization serving and representing individuals, families and professionals who are touched by a life-altering, often devastating, traumatic brain injury (TBI). Together with its network of more than 40 chartered state affiliates, as well as hundreds of local chapters and support groups across the country, the BIAA provides TBI resources, information, education and support to assist the 3.17 million Americans currently living with traumatic brain injuries.

Brain Injury Association of America Treatment and Rehab

The goal of rehabilitation is to help people regain the most independent level of functioning possible. This website describes the different types of hospital and rehabilitation programs; healthcare professionals; and tests and scales used in the recovery process for brain injury.

National Association of State Head Injury Administrators

NASHIA is the only forum addressing state government’s significant role in brain injury. NASHIA is the premier source of information and education for State Agency employees who are responsible for public brain injury policies, programs, and services.

North American Brain Injury Society

NABIS is a society comprised of professional members involved in the care or issues surrounding brain injury. The principal mission of NABIS is moving brain injury science into practice. Whether it is in the area of clinical care, research, policy or litigation, the organization stands behind the premise that advances in science and practices based on application of the scientific evidence will ultimately provide the best outcomes for those with brain injuries and the community as a whole.

Brain Injury Recovery Kit

Praised by leading brain injury experts as an innovative system for guiding individuals through the day-to-day challenges faced after brain injury, while providing information and support to family and friends. The Brain Injury Recovery Kit is a step-by-step approach to recovery that can be tailored to each individual’s needs and can be used at an individual’s own pace.


Successfully Surviving a Brain Injury: A Family Guidebook, From the Emergency Room to Selecting a Rehabilitation Facility. This is an easy-to-read guidebook, which is intended for families in the first days, weeks, and months after a brain injury. The book covers the wide range of medical, financial, legal, insurance, family, and personal issues caregivers encounter following a brain injury.

The Centers for Disease Control’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control TBI Resources

The CDC’s research and programs work to prevent TBI and help people better recognize, respond, and recover if a TBI occurs. They cover Traumatic Brain Injury Topics, Concussion and Mild TBI, Concussion in Sports, Clinical Diagnosis and Management, and Statistics.

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