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Denver Natural Gas Explosion Destroys Row House and Injures 9

A building explosion in Denver, Colorado, injured at least 9 people, with one person suffering critical injuries. Officials believe the building explosion, which caused significant damage to a four-plex residential building, was linked to natural gas. Natural gas explosions can cause catastrophic injuries to victims, and extensive damage to neighborhoods. [...]

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Families Want Answers After Gatesville Hospital Explosion

There is a long road ahead after an explosion that killed two men at the Coryell Memorial Hospital in Gatesville, Texas. There will be a lengthy investigation, which will try to determine whether the cause was a generator, natural gas line—as is often the case in a structural fire—or some other [...]

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Staggering Number of Fire Safety Inspections Skipped in California

A California news organization, seeking answers after a bout of deadly Golden State fires in residential buildings, has published an investigative report detailing serious lapses in the Bay Area regarding apartment building and school inspections. The report touches on concerns about the devastation that structural fires can cause, especially when [...]

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Numerous Violations Found at Site of Apartment Fire | Greensboro, NC

A deadly fire that killed five children in Greensboro, North Carolina, led to an inspection of the apartment complex where the fire occurred. Officials uncovered more than 200 violations, including non-functioning smoke detectors in the unit where the fatal tragedy happened. Recent years have seen an increase in concerns over [...]

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Federal Investigation Launched into Fatal Denver Construction Fire

Investigators have begun what will likely be a lengthy investigation into a March 7, 2018, fire in an apartment building that was under construction in downtown Denver. The massive blaze sent six people to the hospital, including a firefighter, and ultimately took the lives of two construction workers who were [...]

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South Nashville Building Fire Kills Three

A building fire in south Nashville killed three women and injured up to nine other people. The fire occurred at a halfway house, where officials say there were no working smoke detectors or sprinklers. Now, women who needed a second chance are without a home as officials investigate to determine [...]

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Fire Lieutenant and Resident Killed in North Philadelphia Building Collapse

A firefighter who had 11 years of service with the Philadelphia Fire Department perished battling a fire in North Philadelphia, after the structure he was inside collapsed and trapped him under debris. The January 6, 2018, fire and collapse also claimed the life of a resident who was inside the [...]

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Safety Violation May Have Contributed to Bronx Building Fire

There is no question as to what started the fire on December 28, 2017, at 2363 Prospect Avenue in New York's Bronx neighborhood: The blaze began when a 3-year-old boy was toying with the stove burners in his family's apartment. What officials now must determine is whether the outcome may [...]

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58-Year-Old Woman Killed in Kettering House Explosion

Investigators are trying to determine the cause of a home explosion in Kettering, Ohio, which left a woman dead and a house destroyed. The blast, which officials say may have been caused by a natural gas leak, follows a fatal Madison Township home explosion approximately one month prior, as well [...]

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Madison Township House Explosion Still Under Investigation

A Madison Township, Ohio, couple awoke to a real-life nightmare on November 6, 2017, when an explosion demolished their house. The explosion ultimately claimed one of their lives and destroyed the home the couple shared. Although a preliminary link has been found to a natural gas leak as the cause [...]

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