Small Plane Crashes, Four Young Men Severely Hurt

Airplane accidents can be an incredibly serious type of accident. Recently, an airplane crash occurred in which four individuals were critically injured.

The accident happened in Louisville, Kentucky on Tuesday. That night, a small single-engine airplane crashed at a golf course in the city. The golf course is near an air field.

The young man who was piloting the Cessna 172 M plane is a recently-licensed pilot. In addition to the pilot, three other young men were on the airplane when it crashed.

The airplane’s four occupants were severely hurt in the crash. They were taken to a hospital after the accident. Reportedly, as of this morning, they were in critical condition.

Authorities reportedly are in the process of investigating this aviation accident. They reportedly have not yet determined what caused the crash to occur.

As this incident shows, airplane accidents can sometimes result in multiple individuals suffering major injuries.

There are many different things that can cause airplane crashes. Some examples of potential causes of airplane accidents include: pilot error, maintenance failures and mechanical failures.

It can be very important to identify an airplane accident’s specific cause. One of the reasons this is important is that what an airplane crash’s cause was can impact what options are available for an accident’s victims to seek relief for the harms they suffered due to the accident.

If an individual was hurt in an airplane crash, he or she may wish to consider meeting with an experienced aviation accident attorney to discuss the accident and potential options for seeking relief.

Source: WHAS, “FAA investigating plane crash at Seneca Golf Course,” Amy Stallings, June 11, 2013

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