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Fight Not Flight

I came of age during the Eisenhower administration, and watched Allen and John Foster Dulles depose elected heads of state and install dictators friendly to their corporate clients. I lived through the JFK assassination, the Nixon, Reagan, and two Bush administrations. We experienced McCarthyism, political thought blacklists, student murders, civil rights marchers viciously assaulted, [...]

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Train Crashes and Groundhog Day

What do train crashes and Groundhog Day have to do with each other? Answer: they both repeat themselves with depressing, and avoidable, regularity. The terrible crash at Hoboken Terminal is the latest tragic case in point. For decades, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has been recommending the installation of Positive [...]

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Bush V. Gore May Come Back to Haunt the Voter Suppressionists

As we approach another Presidential election, it is well to revisit the impact of Bush v. Gore. In December 2000, the U. S. Supreme Court did not merely decide another case: it anointed a president while the vote count was still underway. The ostensible legal argument was based on Equal Protection [...]

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Throw out Everything You Thought You Knew About Contracts or How Our Courts Privatized Our Consumer Justice System

Like the proverbial snake that ate up its own tail, our judicial system is destroying itself for the consumers of America. A new ruling by a United States District Court judge, The Hon. Vince Chhabari, in Jabbari v. Wells Fargo & Co. has thrown out every vestige of legal—or common—sense by [...]

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AIG Lied Under Oath, Are They the Only Ones?

Lies perpetuated by AIG’s complex claims director Nancy Finberg while under oath reveals not only a problem with the insurance giant’s practices but an overall view the industry takes towards truth and justice. Could lying for the good of a company facing litigation be a more systemic problem than we realize? [...]

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Why We Need to Regulate Drug Prices or Your Life for My $9,000 Bottle of Wine

Public Citizen reports as follows: “A Wall Street hedge fund multi-millionaire named Martin Shkreli—who has bragged about spending $9,000 on a single bottle of wine…bought the rights to a medicine called Daraprim.” He immediately raised the price from $13.50 to $750per pill! It will take no rocket scientist or PhD in [...]

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Twenty First Century Snake Oil Salesman

A Modern Tale of Perfidy and Comeuppance (A “Fiction” inspired by an article in the September 17, 2015 issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education) Here’s the deal: A medical doctor who acts as a “key opinion leader” (KOL) for Big Pharma puts his or her name on an article [...]

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Another Kentucky Clerk That Can’t Be Fired

While Kim Davis remains in jail, the Rowan County Deputy Clerk continues issuing marriage licenses. Since he is legally performing the duties of his office, Davis can’t lawfully fire him even though she disagrees with his actions. To do so could mean another lawsuit. Rowan County Deputy Clerk announced that he [...]

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Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Whistleblower Cases

Whistleblower cases directly affect public interest because they are concerned with public safety issues. An article posted in Law360 describing how these cases are perfectly made for arbitration also demonstrates how this method is an affront to justice. These types of lawsuits shouldn’t be arbitrated for various reasons, one being that [...]

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Ethical Duty to Report “Unfit to Fly” Diagnosis

If a commercial airline pilot is struggling with a medical or psychological issue that could severely impact their ability to perform their job, their doctor isn’t required to notify their employer. Thus, they’re allowed to continue flying at the potential peril of their passengers. Changing the rules would allow doctors to [...]

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