Delmont, Pennsylvania

Three people sustained injuries and had to be taken to area hospitals on Tuesday morning after a multiple-vehicle accident involving a tractor trailer. Emergency responders answered the 6:00 a.m. 911 call at the intersection of Route 22 and Cloverleaf Drive in Westmoreland County.

Local law enforcement officials say the tractor trailer was heading east on Route 22 when it slammed into the first vehicle at Cloverleaf. A woman inside the car appeared to sustain head injuries. A construction worker that fell to the ground in an effort to avoid being struck sustained a hip injury.

The tractor trailer continued on a path of destruction, going over the median and broadsiding a pickup truck. Initial reports said the pickup caught on fire but when officials responded to the 911 call, there was no fire. According to CBS Pittsburgh, the unidentified driver of the pickup truck was airlifted to University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Presbyterian Hospital in critical condition.


In the end, the tractor trailer ended up hitting six other vehicles parked at the Victory Car Sales lot at the intersection before it overturned. The truck driver remained at the scene following the accident and was seen cooperating with law enforcement. He submitted to a field sobriety test at the crash site.

At this time, the cause of the crash is unknown. Charges against the truck driver are pending the outcome of a police investigation.

Construction zones often shut down lanes and call for drastic speed reductions. If drivers fail to pay close attention, the results can be costly. We won’t know what caused today’s Pennsylvania truck accident in Delmont for some time, but accidents in construction zones are often caused by speed and/or driver inattention.

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