Northern California Plane Accident Kills Two

A plane accident recently occurred in California that resulted in fatalities.

The accident happened on Tuesday. That morning, two individuals were flying in a plane in Northern California. The reason the two individuals were flying was to conduct an air patrol. The patrol was of a natural gas pipe line and was part of some contract work the two individuals were doing for a natural gas company.

Slightly before noon, the Champion 7GCAA plane crashed and caught fire. The two individuals died as a result of this accident.

Federal authorities are currently in the process of investigating this aviation accident. Plane crash investigations can often take awhile to complete, as such accidents can give rise to many important and complex questions and issues. It will be interesting to see how long the above-mentioned investigation goes and what findings are made in it.

As this tragic incident shows, aviation accidents can sometimes have fatal results.

Losing a loved one due to a plane crash can have significant impacts on a family. One of the types of impacts such a loss can have are financial impacts. A couple of examples of financial-related things loss of a loved one can lead to a family facing are funeral expenses and loss of an income source. While families may not like to think about financial matters after they have lost a loved one, it can be important to, as financial matters can be very impactful on a family.

Sometimes, negligence contributes to an airplane accident. If a family has lost a loved one due to a plane crash that was caused by negligence by another party, there are options available to the family for seeking relief. Thus, if a family has suffered the death of a loved one in a plane crash and suspects that negligence played a role in the crash, the family may wish to consider consulting with an experienced aviation accidents attorney.

Source: KCRA, “Victims killed in Butte Co plane crash ID’d as PG&E contract workers,” Aug. 14, 2013

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