A plane crash is one of the most serious and deadly types of accidents that an individual can be involved in. Residents of Los Angeles are well aware of this fact as the skies above their city are often crowded with planes. On Oct. 16, a plane crash occurred that took the lives of all those on board.

The accident happened as a small aircraft was trying to make an emergency landing. The plane was traveling from Nevada to California when it went down in the desert. There were three people on the plane, and all were killed, according to authorities.

The California Highway Patrol and the Federal Aviation Administration say the Beech 33 Bonanza had left the airport in North Las Vegas and was on its way to Corona, California, when it crashed. The crash site was about ten miles east of Barstow, which is about 90 miles from Los Angeles. The time of the incident was reported to be 1:30 p. m. The particular aircraft was a four-seater.

The names of those on board were not immediately released, and the National Transportation Safety Board is conducting an investigation. According to an FAA spokesperson, the pilot had declared an emergency and was attempting to fly to Barstow-Daggett Airport when he and the two passengers were killed. It is not yet known what caused the airplane crash.

What is certain is that three people are now deceased because something went terribly wrong. Malfunctioning equipment, pilot error, or any number of other issues may have caused this accident. The families of the deceased will certainly want answers as to how and why their loved ones were taken from them. In a difficult time such as this, families often rely on expert consultation in their search for answers.

Source: Fox News, “Three die in small plane crash in California,” Oct. 17, 2011