Multiple Deaths in Accident at Santa Monica Municipal Airport

Landings can be a very tricky time during a flight. If something goes wrong during a landing, the results can be disastrous. Landing accidents can sometimes result in deaths.

This can be seen in a plane crash that recently happened in California.

On Sunday, a Cessna 525A that had taken off in Idaho was landing at Santa Monica Municipal Airport. During the landing, the plane went off of the runway. It then crashed into one of the airport’s storage hangers.

Authorities found four bodies in the wreckage of the accident.

The federal investigation into the accident is currently in a state of flux due to the government shutdown. One wonders what will ultimately be found to have been behind the accident.

As this incident shows, plane accidents involving landings can be catastrophic.

There are wide variety of things that can cause landing accidents to occur. Some examples include: pilot errors, landing gear failure, instrument failure and runway problems. What options a plane crash victim or their family has available for seeking relief in relation to an accident is in part dictated by what caused the crash to occur. Thus, determining what a plane crash’s cause was can be of great importance.

There are many different things it can be important to look at in the investigation of an airplane accident, including flight recorders, the mechanical systems of the plane, the pilot communications leading up to the accident and the details of the scene of the accident. Thus, investigations of plane crashes can be incredibly complex.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Santa Monica Plane Crash: Los Angeles Coroner’s Office IDing Bodies Found In Jet,” Justin Pritchard, Oct. 2, 2013

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