Mexico Plane Crash Kills Two Military Officers

When you hear the words “plane accident” it usually means that people were seriously injured or even killed. This was the case for two Mexican military officers who died in a plane crash in Baja California Sur.

The accident happened Wednesday and was 21 miles southwest of the state capital of La Paz. The two-seat, single engine Zlin 242-L was part of a fleet of aircrafts from the La Paz-based Naval Aviation School and was being used for a training exercise when the accident occurred.

According to investigators an alarm was activated on the plane and then it fell from the sky. Killed in the crash were an Air Force major and a Navy lieutenant commander. Currently investigators have no idea what happened to the aircraft.

The investigation will continue to determine whether pilot error or a mechanical failure caused the crash. Those injured or killed in aviation accidents like this, could have cause for a personal injury claim. And as is always the case in a fatal accident, family members are left behind to pick up the pieces.

A personal injury attorney can help you determine if there was negligence involved in the accident. Victims, who are injured in an aviation accident or for family members of those killed in an accident, may be entitled to damages for their injuries or loss. Wrongful death suits are often filed when pilot error is to blame for an airplane accident that results in fatalities.

In this case, investigators are still trying to determine if there was a malfunction with the plane or pilot error. The investigation could take months to sort out.

Source: Latino Daily News, “Mexico Plane Crash Leaves 2 Military Officers Dead,” Dec. 6, 2012

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