The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 remains one of the biggest mysteries in the history of aviation. The Boeing 777 plane and all 239 aboard vanished six months ago, leaving few clues behind as to what may have happened. Families and friends have been left frustrated, waiting for answers to come.

Sarah Bajc, whose life-partner Phillip Wood was on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, says that she misses him every day. Bajc blames the airline and the Malaysian government for unnecessary delays providing misleading information. Bajc is one of hundreds of others who feel the same frustration after months of searching produced no definitive answers to the mystery of MH370.  Many families of Chinese passengers continue to hope against hope that their loved ones might be alive somewhere, such is the tragic consequences of this missing airliner.

Now, with the search for the missing plane scheduled to resume sometime in September, experts believe answers might be found off the coast of Australia in the Indian Ocean. The new search area has been narrowed to the size of West Virginia – some 23,000 square miles. All of the latest technology will be called upon to scour the seafloor and find any trace of the missing plane.  Many experts have expressed confidence that, eventually, MH 370 will be found, most likely on the ocean floor.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott told the media that everything that is humanly possible will be done in order to find the missing plane. According to CBS News, 26 countries have offered assistance in the search.