Los Angeles Flight Diverted After Crew Reports Electrical Smell

Our Los Angeles personal injury law blog often discusses the financial hardships, physical pain and emotional suffering mass transit passengers and airplane passengers may experience after they are involved in a serious accident in California. The consequences of serious accidents often affect crash victims’ families as well, putting a strain on families’ finances and leaving families overwhelmed by their grief after losing a loved one.

Fortunately, no one was injured earlier this week when a Los Angeles-bound airplane had to make an unplanned stop in Ohio to check a potential malfunction on the United Airlines plane. According to reports, someone reported that they had detected a concerning smell coming from the aircraft’s cabin. The plane made an emergency stop to investigate the smell and to determine whether anything was not working properly on the plane that could have jeopardized the safety of passengers and the plane’s crew.

United Airlines Flight 132 was traveling from New York to Los Angeles on Sunday. After leaving Kennedy International Airport, an electrical smell was detected in the cabin and the plane was diverted to make a stop in Cleveland so that the smell could be thoroughly investigated before continuing the flight to Los Angeles.

Once the plane made the emergency stop, maintenance workers checked to see if they could find any electrical problems that could have contributed to the concerning smell. After investigating the smell and checking for any other potential defects or malfunctions, airport officials reported that no problems were detected on the plane. Once airport officials and maintenance workers determined that the plane was safe to fly, the plane took off and continued its flight to Los Angeles without any other reported problems.

No one was harmed, but the incident is a reminder that any number of things may go wrong when operating a plane. Any potential defects or malfunctions must be thoroughly investigated and fixed immediately after any problems are detected in order to keep passengers as safe as possible and to prevent major catastrophic accidents from occurring.

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Source: CBS News, “Electrical smell prompts United flight to divert to Ohio,” March 4, 2013

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