Helicopter Crashes into River, Injures Three

Sadly, helicopter crashes sometimes occur here in California. Individuals can suffer severe injuries in such aviation accidents.

Recently, in one of California’s neighboring states, a helicopter accident happened which injured multiple people. The neighboring state in question is Oregon.

The accident occurred on Monday. That day, a Bell JetRanger helicopter crashed into a river. The helicopter contained three individuals: a pilot and two biologists. The two biologists work for Oregon. The biologists were on the helicopter in connection to fish counts they were doing.

Authorities are in the process of trying to determine what caused this helicopter crash to occur.

The accident resulted in:

  • The pilot suffering broken ribs and a broken arm.
  • One of the biologists suffering a broken vertebra.
  • The other biologist suffering a broken back.

A person’s life can be significantly affected by injuries suffered in a helicopter accident.

When it comes to helicopter accidents, it can be very important to look carefully at evidence regarding the maintenance and mechanical state of the helicopter involved. Careful reviews of such evidence can help indicate whether there were any maintenance problems or mechanical failures that played a role in the crash, and thus what parties may have been responsible for the accident. Such reviews can have a great deal of complex aspects.

Thus, if a person has been hurt in a helicopter accident, they may wish to think about retaining the services of a personal injury attorney who understands the complicated nature of helicopter accidents and knows what things to look for in reviews of the evidence from such accidents.

Source: ABC News, “3 Hurt in Oregon Helicopter Crash,” Oct. 29, 2013

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