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KTLA News Anchors Interview Paul Hedlund Four Days After the Metrolink Chatsworth Crash

Mr. Hedlund discusses Metrolink’s liability in this case as well as Positive Train Control systems and other technology that would have prevented tragedies like this one from happening. He also stated in his interview with KTLA Ch. 5 that currently there is no audible signal that sounds when an engineer passes a red [...]

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Positive Train Control

Positive Train Control (PTC) is a GPS system that works together with radar and track sensors that allow computers to remotely control a train if an operator isn’t handling the locomotive correctly. The main concept behind positive train control is to avoid collisions and prevent speed derailments caused by human [...]

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Aviation Attorney Paul Hedlund Discusses Asiana Flight 214 Crash at SFO

Attorney and mechanical engineer, Paul Hedlund, sat down in the studio with KNBC 4 News Los Angeles one day after the crash landing of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 at SFO. Mr. Hedlund gave insights as to what he thinks may have happened just before the crash and what the airplane itself [...]

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California Motorcyclist Killed in JCI Jones Chemicals Truck Crash

Los Angeles, California - - The family of Galo Ulloa, killed in a Burbank, California tractor trailer crash, filed a wrongful death lawsuit on Monday March 6, 2012, case number CV12-1889-CBM (MANx), in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California in Los Angeles against Sarasota, Florida-based JCI [...]

Oregon Family Sues After Fatal Food Express Truck Crash

Los Angeles, California – The husband and adult children of an Oregon woman are suing Food Express, Inc. of Arcadia, California for negligence and wrongful death. Robin Rae Udey Robin Rae Udey was killed when Ronald Jory, operating a Kenworth tractor hauling two tanker trailers for Food Express, [...]

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Metrolink Crash Attorney Comments on New Passenger Cars

A Los Angeles television news station interviewed Baum Hedlund train accident attorney and mechanical engineer Paul Hedlund about Metrolink’s new passenger rail cars. The above excerpt shows that the cab cars offer new safety features including a crush zone, fire retardant seats, and collapsible tables. Paul Hedlund is pleased about the [...]

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Positive Train Control Systems | Technology that has Existed for 30 years Could have Prevented this Tragic Accident

More commuter trains and freight trains share rails in California than in any other state, yet known and available warning and control systems meant to prevent train to train collisions like the deadly Chatsworth Metrolink crash, called Positive Train Control Systems (PTC), have never been implemented. In fact, PTC has existed [...]

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Trains Collide in Chatsworth, California

Baum Hedlund represented clients in wrongful death and personal injury claims from the 2008 Chatsworth Metrolink disaster in which 25 passengers were killed and 135 people were injured. A Metrolink train carrying commuters home from downtown Los Angeles, collided with a Union Pacific freight train on [...]

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Minneapolis Interstate 35 West Bridge Deemed “Structurally Deficient” Since 2005

On Wednesday, August 1, 2007, the eight lane Interstate 35W bridge collapsed during rush hour in Minneapolis, plunging dozens of cars into the Mississippi River. The collapse also caused a school bus full of children to plummet 60 feet on top of tons of falling concrete, but miraculously the bus was saved from plunging into the river [...]

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Another Level of Justice: The Public Apology

The Editor of the Aviation Law Section's Newsletter for the Association of Trial Lawyers of America wrote concerning our Public Apology article: Paul Hedlund and Ronald L. M. Goldman have contributed one of the more interesting articles we have published this year, addressing something beyond monetary compensation: Contrition. I cannot name [...]

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