Germanwings Flight 4U9525 — Mystery of a Different Kind

When I wrote the previous article on the Germanwings Flight 4U9525 mystery, I acknowledged the mere possibility of pilots intentionally crashing their airplane, but declared it would make no sense to think that is what happened.  Then, we learned that the unthinkable did, indeed, happen.  If one tries to live in a rational world, one still needs to understand that irrational things still happen.

Having said that, I think it will still be necessary to examine the information on the Flight Data Recorder to see if any further clues are present to explain the events leading up to this tragic event. This must be done before we definitively declare the First Officer guilty of mass murder.

In a rational world, I can still stand by my analysis as written on March 25, 2015, before it was overtaken by information learned on March 26.   It is with horror and a heavy heart that I must confront the fact that, in every accident reconstruction one needs to keep an open mind until all the available evidence is in, and admit that irrational conduct can—rarely—be an explanation.  But, before that conclusion can be reached, every rational explanation possible must first be excluded.

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