A total of twelve individuals lost their lives when a Boeing 737 charter plane crashed into the side of a hill in Nunavet, Canada last August. Although a cause for the accident has yet to be determined, the families of several individuals who died in the plane crash have filed lawsuits against the government and the airline seeking damages for their losses. In the initial report of the investigation issued by the Transportation Safety Board, a cause of the plane crash was not identified.

A technical investigation at the site of the accident found no problems with the aircraft prior to impact, and the engines were operating and gaining power at the time of the crash. Due to a military exercise at the time of the crash, a temporary command-and-control was implemented by the defense department at the Resolute Bay airport, which normally would not have employed air traffic controllers at that airport.

The accident occurred near the Resolute Bay Airport with 11 passengers and four crew members on board the aircraft. Twelve people died in the crash. Three of the crash survivors and family members of eight of the victims who died have filed claims in the Nanuvet Court of Justice. One of the lawsuits filed by the widow of one of the deceased also lists Nav Canada, the corporation that has responsibility for all aviation-related services in Canada.

The other suit filed on behalf of the seven victims and the three survivors lists the defense department, in addition to the airline and government as defendants. The families of the deceased are seeking compensation for pain and suffering prior to their loved ones deaths, loss of the love, companionship and guidance of their loved one as well as grief, lost wages and funeral expenses.

The survivors are seeking compensation for loss of enjoyment of life, lost wages, lost ability to perform normal household tasks and past and future medical expenses, according to sources. When a person is injured through the negligent or reckless acts of another person, or company, he or she is entitled to seek monetary damages for injuries suffered. A wrongful death claim is similar to a personal injury claim, however includes separate damages, depending on various applicable state and country laws.

Source: CNews, “Lawsuits filed over fatal Arctic plane crash,” May 18, 2012