Commercial Airliner Crashes at San Francisco Airport

When a commercial airliner crashes, the plane’s passengers can suffer great harm. Such accidents can sometimes even have deadly results.

As you have likely heard, a commercial airliner accident occurred in California over the weekend. The accident happened on Saturday at San Francisco International Airport. That day, an airplane crashed as it was trying to land at the airport.

The airliner in question was Asiana Airlines Flight 214 and it was a Boeing 777. Reportedly, the airliner contained over 300 individuals.

The crash had devastating results. Two individuals died as a result of the accident and over 180 people were hurt. Included among the injuries individuals suffered in the crash were: head trauma, spinal fractures, burns, abdominal injuries and road rashes.

Authorities are currently in the process of investigating this airliner crash. One of the things the investigation includes is a review of the airliner’s black boxes.

What is a black box? A black box is a piece of electronic equipment aboard an airliner that records various flight data. The device is built to withstand a great deal of physical and thermal stress. The device can contain important info regarding an accident and reviews of the device’s contents can play a major role in authorities’ efforts to determine what exactly caused an accident to occur.

Reportedly, the review of the airliner’s black boxes has thus far revealed some information regarding what happened right before the crash. Reportedly, leading up to the crash, the plane was travelling well below the target speed for landing and was near stalling. The plane’s pilots reportedly attempted to abort the landing right before the crash. One wonders what further information the review of the black boxes will reveal as the investigation continues.

Some information has also come out regarding the lead pilot of the airliner. The pilot reportedly had only flown a 777 on nine prior occasions and had never landed a 777 at San Francisco International Airport before. However, the pilot had extensive experience flying other aircraft and was flying with a 777 pilot mentor.

Investigations of airliner accidents can involve reviews of a wide variety of things and can take a considerable amount of time to complete. Thus, it could be awhile before it is known what precisely happened in this crash.

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