Californian Among the Two Killed in Kansas Jet Accident

Two of the things it can be important to look into in investigations of plane crashes are the weather conditions at the time of the crash and the mechanical condition of the plane involved. Poor weather and mechanical failures are among the things that can lead to plane accidents occurring.

Recently, a fatal airplane crash occurred in which a Californian was one of the victims.

Last Friday, in Kansas, a twin-engine jet crashed shortly after having taken off. The jet in question was a Cessna Citation. An evangelist from California was a passenger of this jet. He and the jet’s pilot died as a result of the accident.

One question that has arisen in connection to this crash is: did ice play a role in the accident? Reportedly, other pilots in the area reported having ice build-ups on their planes around the time of the accident. Ice build-ups can sometimes cause planes to crash.

Another question that has arisen in connection to the accident is: was everything working correctly with the plane’s anti-icing system? Purportedly, the jet had an anti-icing system that should have made it so ice wasn’t an issue.

Authorities are currently looking into the accident. It will be interesting to see what conclusions authorities ultimately reach in regards to the crash and the two above-mentioned questions.

It is a sad reality that plane accidents often result in deaths. Sometimes, when a person is killed in an aviation accident, their family pursues a wrongful death claim in connection to the accident. Wrongful death cases involving airplane accidents can give rise to unique and complex issues. Thus, if a family is bringing a wrongful death claim over an airplane accident, having the representation of a personal injury attorney with experience in plane crash cases can be extremely important.

Source: KWCH, “Ice could have played role in deadly Kansas jet crash,” Jim Grawe, Oct. 22, 2013

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