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FMCSA Preempts California Trucking Rules

In late 2018, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) announced it would grant petitions to preempt California's break rules for truck drivers, which it said conflicted with federal regulations. While some in the industry applauded the move, others criticized it, saying it compromises public and truck driver safety. One [...]

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Man Charged with Murder in Allegedly Intentional Fillmore Truck Crash

Even more traffic is taking to California roads as summer approaches, and with the increase comes more dangerous and deadly incidents involving semi-trucks. One of those recent truck crashes had a darker element, with investigators saying that the accident was set off by the driver of a passenger vehicle who [...]

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Dump Truck Crash Report Reveals Inspection Was Skipped | Santa Rosa

Four months after the February 5, 2018, crash involving a dump truck and nine other vehicles in Santa Rosa, California, police in the area completed their investigation into the incident. Findings indicate the dump truck may have been overweight and that there was likely an issue with the brakes, but [...]

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Truck Driver Trapped in Cab After Redding Truck Crash

California is known for its busy roads and infuriating traffic, but people don't always realize that it's also one of the deadliest places to drive in America. Some of these injury- and fatality-causing accidents are crashes between passenger vehicles, but California is also home to frequent incidents involving semi-trucks. It's [...]

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Passersby Save Man from Burning to Death in Sepulveda Pass Truck Crash

Due to the efforts of fellow drivers and passengers on the 405 Freeway, there were no fatalities in a semi-truck crash near Sepulveda Pass in California. The collision, which sent four people to the hospital, left fiery wreckage on the road and a Honda trapped underneath the big rig. Both [...]

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Two Dead After Union City Truck Crash Involving Tow Truck

California, a state with a reputation for dangerous and deadly truck crashes, experienced another stretch of accidents, culminating in an April 22, 2018, collision between a Mercedes and a tow truck. Both individuals inside the Mercedes were killed in the crash. Elsewhere in the Golden State, accidents involving commercial trucks [...]

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Fresno Big Rig Crash with City Bus Injures Three

California is notorious for semi-truck accidents. That's not surprising given that it's the most populated state in the country, has a reputation for terrible traffic and dangerous roads, and is a frequent destination or thru-route for truckers. Each week headlines around the Golden State include mentions of truck crashes—some fatal, [...]

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Police Continue to Hunt for Suspect in Los Angeles Truck Hit and Run

The Los Angeles Police Department has taken a new step in their hunt for the driver of a tractor-trailer that struck and killed a 23-year-old man in Los Angeles on February 23, 2018. The agency released video footage of the fatal accident on April 2, 2018, in hopes that someone [...]

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17 People Injured in Whitewater Truck Crash Involving Tour Bus

Each week brings new truck crashes in California, a state known for its dangerous roads. The last few weeks have been no exception, with accidents around the Golden State including a crash between a semi-truck and a tour bus in Whitewater that sent 17 people on the tour bus to [...]

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Two People Injured, Dog Killed in Shandon Truck Crash

A multi-vehicle truck crash that involved three semi-trucks in the Shandon region of California resulted in injuries, debris and a deceased dog. Officials believe the incident started with a big rig that veered into oncoming traffic, though the reason the driver lost control is unclear. The Shandon truck crash was [...]

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