El Sobrante School Bus Crash Critically Injures Two

A school bus crash in El Sobrante, California, critically injured two people and resulted in another 13 being taken to local hospitals. Included in the injured were a pregnant woman and seven children, though officials say the most serious injuries were to people in the other vehicles involved in the [...]

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Utah Greyhound Bus Crash Kills Teenage Girl

A bus crash near Green River, Utah, killed a teenage girl and injured at least a dozen other people after the bus plunged down a wash. Three patients, including the bus driver, are in serious condition. Authorities are now investigating what caused the bus to drive off the highway, but [...]

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Driver in Chattanooga School Bus Crash Allegedly on Cell Phone

Prosecutors allege the driver of the school bus involved in the Chattanooga, Tennessee, bus crash on November 21, 2016 was on his cell phone when the bus went off the road, killing six students. Johnthony Walker faces 34 charges, including multiple counts of vehicular homicide, linked to the tragedy. The [...]

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Iowa School Bus Fire Kills Bus Driver and High School Student

A tragic school bus accident in Iowa killed two people and left safety experts mystified over why the two could not get off the bus before a fire took their lives. Safety advocates say fires on school buses are rare and buses are designed so passengers can quickly exit in [...]

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Georgia School Bus Crash Kills Five-Year-Old, Injures Many More

What started out as any other morning turned into a tragedy as a school bus crash in Liberty County, Georgia, killed a five-year-old girl and injured up to 24 other children. The crash comes just over a year after a horrific school bus crash in Chattanooga, Tennessee, killed six children [...]

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Following Fatal 2014 Oklahoma Bus Crash, Family Calls for Safety Rules

The family of one of four girls killed in a 2014 bus crash in Oklahoma is calling for increased safety measures, saying they're stunned by the shoddy bus construction. Lawsuits have been filed against the school and the maker of the bus, alleging the bus was unsafe to carry the [...]

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NTSB Blames Fatal Palm Springs Bus Accident on Tour Bus Driver

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has released its findings into the fatal tour bus crash in Palm Springs that killed 13 people. According to the agency, the tour bus driver—who died in the crash—was sleep deprived and failed to properly react to the stopped semi-truck it crashed into. The [...]

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Flushing Bus Crash Pushes Lawmakers to Fight for Change

The fatal September 18 bus crash in Queens took the lives of three people and has prompted lawmakers to push for stricter regulations for private bus operators. Shortly after the tour bus collision in New York, reports emerged that the driver of the tour bus was fired by the Metropolitan [...]

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Big-Rig Driver in Fatal Palm Springs Bus Crash Arrested

The big-rig driver who allegedly caused a deadly bus crash in Palm Springs has been arrested for his role in the accident. Thirteen people died, and another 29 were injured in the October 23, 2016 crash. Bruce Guilford faces charges including vehicular manslaughter, felony reckless driving, and reckless driving. The [...]

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Queens Bus Accident Prompts Calls For Improved Bus Safety Regulation

New York Senator Charles "Chuck" Schumer, a notable proponent of transportation safety improvements in America, is urging federal lawmakers to revisit their regulations on charter buses in the wake of a fatal Queens bus crash, which follows on the heels of other high-profile bus crashes across the U.S. Sen. Schumer [...]

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