Our Bus Crash Cases

Our Bus Crash Cases

The Firm’s Bus Crash Attorneys have Represented Victims in Commercial, Tour and School Bus Accidents

A gunman opened fire inside a Greyhound bus traveling from Los Angeles to San Francisco, California on February 3, 2020. The bus was in Kern County, near Lebec, when the incident occurred. One passenger was killed and five others were injured among the 42 passengers aboard the bus when the gunman started firing at 1:27 AM. Passengers were able to remove the shooter from the bus. The bus driver was able to get the bus to a nearby gas station where emergency responders could attend to the victims. Read more…

One of the tour buses for country singer Josh Turner’s band left the roadway on Highway 46 near Shandon, California on September 18, 2019 after wrapping up a concert in Paso Robles. The crash killed a sound engineer and injured seven other members of the singer’s road crew. According to media reporting, the bus was on Highway 46 near Shandon at approximately 11:40 p.m. when it left the roadway and drove some 20 yards through roadside vegetation. The bus reportedly launched off a cliff and landed in a sandy riverbed. Read More…

A recent bus accident took the lives of four international students and sent at least 50 others to the hospital, many with critical injuries. The charter bus was filled with new students on their way to an orientation event, many of them participating in the college’s widely popular international program. The bus was driving along the 83-year old Aurora Bridge when it was hit by a duck boat tour bus that suddenly swerved into its lane. This bus crash is currently under investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). So far the NTSB has discovered that the duck boat involved in the bus accident had been operating for two years without repairing an axle that the international company had known about since 2013. In the wake of this new information about the bus accident, all Ride the Ducks tours have been halted until the investigation is complete and all of the company’s vehicles and drivers pass a rigorous inspection. Read More …

A school bus driver, who was so sick he could barely walk, took the wheel of a school bus filled with children. Minutes later, the bus driver passed out, causing the bus to careen off the road and crash into a tree. All of the 11 students on board were injured, some severely, as well as the school bus driver. After this bus accident, the driver was charged with felony child abuse, child endangerment and perjury. Sadly, this was not the first incident known to the school district involving this bus driver. We represent two of the students injured in this school bus crash. Read More …

A tour bus was carrying high-school students on a University orientation trip to Humboldt State, when a FedEx truck crossed the I-5 freeway median into oncoming lanes and slammed head-on into the bus. The ensuing fire killed 10 people and injured 39 others. Investigation has revealed the bus driver skipped the company-mandated bus passenger safety briefing on exits and emergency procedures. The lack of that vital information, in addition to having poorly-marked emergency exits and a highly toxic flammable bus interior, is considered to have contributed to the deaths and injuries of students and chaperones aboard the bus. Our bus accident law firm is currently handling one wrongful death and two injury cases from this tragic charter bus accident. Read More…

The driver of a Sky Express motorcoach fell asleep behind the wheel, causing the coach to drift off the road into a barrier, waking the driver. In his panicked attempt to bring the bus back onto the road, the bus driver overcorrected and flipped the bus onto its roof. In the bus crash four people were killed and 49 injured. While investigating this bus accident, it was found that the motorcoach company, Sky Express, had a long and well-known history of failing to meet the federal safety standards, including fatigued drivers who drove too many hours, like the one who crashed. Yet, despite knowing all of the many problems within Sky Express, the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) decided not to remove the carrier’s operational status until after this disastrous bus crash. Read More…

A Metropolitan Transportation Authority bus was making a left turn from Westbound Arcadia Street to Southbound Los Angeles Street and hit a woman who was crossing the street. The pedestrian was pinned under the front wheel of the bus and officials freed her with the use of tools and airbags, but sadly the woman did not survive the bus accident. According to the regular passengers, the bus driver was not the usual driver and was not familiar with the route.

The driver of the city transit bus, who had only been on the job for a month, was talking on the two-way radio while driving, in violation of transit rules. While distracted by the radio, the driver stepped on the gas instead of the brake while making a turn, causing him to shoot forward and pin a pedestrian between a wall and a pickup truck. The pedestrian died and 10 people on the bus, including the bus driver, were injured in the bus accident. Our firm represented the family of the man who died in the crash caused by distracted driving.

The driver of a Burlington High School bus filled with the girls’ volleyball team was on its way to a match when the bus crossed the center line and hit a van head-on. The motorist of the van died in the collision, and all 29 students including the bus driver were injured in the school bus crash. Earlier the same year, the same bus driver was found guilty of unsafe passing while driving. Instead of being removed as a driver for the school district, he was only ordered to pay a fine. Our firm represented the family of the man killed.

A five-year-old girl was killed in a school bus accident while coming home from kindergarten. The school buses from her school district failed to adhere to accurate schedules, making it hard for parents to know when their children would be dropped off. In addition, the school did not provide safety monitors or instruct bus driver to assist or monitor the children who were getting off the bus. Eight children exited the bus and a few moments later the bus pulled back into the street without realizing that one child was still standing at the front right corner of the bus. The bus ran over the child, crushing her under its wheels and killing her instantly.

A bus filled with Malaysian and Chinese tourists flipped over on the Interstate in Barstow, while returning from a Las Vegas getaway. The bus accident left all 18 people on board injured. We represented one of the passengers who suffered injuries in this horrific tour bus crash.

A small school bus carrying two special needs students and a teacher’s aide rear-ended a street sweeper. The school bus accident injured everyone aboard and trapped the bus driver inside for over an hour. The driver of the street sweeper was also injured in the bus crash and required multiple surgeries to repair the bus accident’s long lasting damage.

A tractor trailer hydroplaned on a winding mountain road and slammed into a tour bus headed for Branson, Missouri to see country music shows. In the horrific bus crash, the bus driver died and at least 42 passengers were injured. It took over three hours to remove all of the injured from the bus crash. The nine year-old bus was crushed on a dangerous stretch of road that was known by locals for seemingly having “a semi-truck accident every month,” despite signs warning of the difficult to drive area. Our firm represented four injured passengers and the family of a passenger who died in the crash.

A pedestrian trying to get on a city bus was run over and killed. The bus had stopped to let a passenger off and after closing the doors, passengers reported hearing pounding on the side of the bus. However, the bus driver continued on, pulling away from the curb and running over the pedestrian.

In a terrible bus accident, a tour bus with 46 people on board, 42 of them American, hit the back of a van during heavy rain on the way to Canterbury Cathedral. The bus then spun out on the wet road before crashing through a barrier and falling over a 20 foot embankment. The bus crash killed 10 people (nine Americans and the British bus driver) and injured more than 30 of the other passengers. In this case, our firm successfully argued that if a tour is bought and paid for in the United States, the company should have to face the U.S. laws, no matter where the bus crash occurred. Our law firm represented 22 passengers from this crash, five of whom were killed.

A bus carrying 24 passengers, many of them teenagers between the ages of 12 and 19, overturned on its way to point Mugu Naval Air Station. All but one of the passengers were part of the Civil Air Patrol, an auxiliary of the Civilian Air Force that serves as an aerospace education program. The bus accident occurred after the driver got lost and took a winding road in the attempt to get back on track. While going down a steep grade, the air brakes failed and the bus went out of control, narrowly missing a cliff before the driver turned the vehicle toward a hill. The resulting bus crash injured 17 young people and five adults. Our firm represented three injured passengers.

A tour bus accident occurred after a bus was attempting to get past a car towing a trailer in the opposite lane on a very narrow logging road. In the process, the bus got too close to the ledge and fell 100 feet down an embankment, killing one and injuring 40 others. Baum Hedlund represented the decedent’s family and two injured passengers in this case.

This bus accident happened when a Mexican tour bus, carrying over 50 tourists, was travelling too fast on a slippery road on the way to the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza. The bus swerved around a car on the side of the road, lost control and slammed into a power pole before bursting into flames. The bus crash claimed the lives of 25, including over a dozen Americans. Our firm managed to obtain United States jurisdiction for the six American passengers we represented in this bus crash, despite the fact that it took place in Mexico. We represented the families of three passengers who were killed and three who were injured.

A Rice Lake school district bus collided with a logging truck injuring most of the 20 students on board. The bus driver claimed to have stopped at a stop sign and looked both ways before pulling out into the road and being hit by the logging truck. While the driver of the logging truck was being rescued, a beer can fell out of the truck. A later drug test showed the presence of what was either marijuana, LSD or angel dust in his system at the time of the bus accident. Our firm represented eight of the injured students.

A man was killed in his car when a school bus went out of control and crossed a median, crashing into him head-on. The car was completely flattened in this tragic bus crash.

While going down a steep grade, a school bus loaded with Girl Scouts accelerated out of control before nose-diving into a gully and smashing down on its side on the rocky embankment below, killing four girls when they were ejected through windows during the bus crash. In total, seven people were killed and 47 were injured in that bus crash. In the investigation into the causes of this incident, it was discovered that this bus wreck could have been prevented if the driver had chosen first gear or “braked judiciously” while going down the steep road. Baum Hedlund represented 27 people, mostly children, in this bus accident.

A Greyhound bus, losing control on an icy road during the night, hit a car. The impact of the bus crash caused the Greyhound bus to reportedly spin 180 degrees before rolling down a slope and landing on its side. The bus accident injured at least 34 people.

Our firm also handled two school bus crash cases that took place in 1989. One in Kansas City Missouri, which resulted in injuries to the bus driver, and another in Sturgis, Michigan, which caused the death of a 17 year-old girl. As with every bus accident case we handle, our team sought to find justice for the families involved.

In what is known as one of the worst drunk driving incidents in United States history, a church bus, which was originally a school bus, was full of children coming home from a theme park when it was hit by a drunk driver in a pickup truck. The accident caused the leaf spring of the bus’ suspension to puncture the unprotected fuel tank, which was directly beneath the front door of the bus. The leaking fuel caught fire and the front door was instantly engulfed in flames, making it impossible for anyone to escape from the only exit. The post-crash fire killed 27 people and injured 34 of the 67 passengers. After this heartbreaking bus accident, we and our clients started a grassroots campaign to have the Ford Motor Company change their bus design to better protect the exposed fuel tank, therefore better protect children in any future bus accidents.