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Two People Injured in Common Ground Bar and Grill Collapse

Two people were hurt, including one woman who suffered significant injuries, when the Common Ground Bar and Grill in Allston, Massachusetts, partially collapsed in early November. The woman who suffered critical injuries, became trapped under blocks of concrete that fell on her when the front of the building collapsed. The [...]

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Amazon Building Collapse in Baltimore Kills Two

The partial collapse of an Amazon building in Baltimore during a storm killed two workers. Neither of the men worked directly for Amazon, although they were inside the company's distribution warehouse when it collapsed in severe weather. Authorities are investigating the structural failure, which is a reminder of how catastrophic even [...]

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30 Injured in Clemson University Fraternity Building Collapse

Thirty people were injured when a dance floor at a clubhouse collapsed just after midnight on October 21 in Clemson, South Carolina. The wounded were at an annual homecoming weekend party sponsored by a Clemson University fraternity. They were dancing when the floor gave way. Some victims suffered critical injuries, highlighting [...]

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California Building Collapse Bill to Require List of At-Risk Buildings

Earthquake experts tend to agree that it is not a matter of “if” the west coast will experience another major seismic event, it is a matter of “when” that will happen. Though it is impossible to know for sure how long west coast residents have to prepare, safety experts also [...]

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Construction Worker Dies Following Marlborough House Building Collapse

An investigation into the collapse of a 13-story building in Miami intensified after the sole individual injured in the collapse died from his injuries. The building, a condominium called the Marlborough House, which was being demolished to make way for a new 19-story tower, collapsed on July 23, 2018. Samuel [...]

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Faulty Construction Could Cause Massive San Francisco Building Collapse

San Francisco is no stranger to massive earthquakes. In 1906 the city experienced one of the most significant earthquakes in history, destroying most of its downtown structures and killing an estimated 3,000 people. Since then the expectation has been that San Francisco learned from the loss. That it embraced the [...]

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Woman Trapped for Hours in Building Collapse | Poughkeepsie, NY

A Poughkeepsie, New York, woman is lucky to be alive after several harrowing hours trapped underneath the rubble from a partially collapsed building. Firefighters and other emergency personnel worked for four and a half hours in brutally hot conditions to free the woman, in the process endangering their own lives. [...]

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Pennsylvania Apartment Collapse Lawsuit Filed Against Landlords

A man who was injured in a 2017 Washington, Pennsylvania, building collapse has filed a lawsuit against the building's landlords for failing to fix hazardous conditions on the property. The victim lived in the apartment building and was at home with his fiancée when the building collapsed. He managed to [...]

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Two Pennsylvania Firefighters Die in York Building Collapse

Two firefighters died and two more suffered injuries in a building collapse in York, Pennsylvania. The collapse happened on Thursday, March 22, as firefighters searched for hot spots following a massive blaze at the Weaver Organ and Piano building, a historic building that was being renovated for residential units. Investigators [...]

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Deck Collapse at Savannah Bar Injures 14 on St. Patty’s Day

A deck collapse on St. Patrick's Day at a Georgia bar injured 14 people, including two who sustained serious injuries. Investigators are looking into the cause of the deck failure, with early reports suggesting the problem was not overcrowding. Though structural collapses are not common, they often have terrible consequences [...]

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