Fire Lieutenant and Resident Killed in North Philadelphia Building Collapse

A firefighter who had 11 years of service with the Philadelphia Fire Department perished battling a fire in North Philadelphia, after the structure he was inside collapsed and trapped him under debris. The January 6, 2018, fire and collapse also claimed the life of a resident who was inside the [...]

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Sioux Falls Building Collapse Contractor Could Faces Criminal Charges

The contractor found responsible for the building collapse in Sioux Falls could face criminal charges. The collapse of the old Copper Lounge building killed one worker and left a building resident trapped under rubble for hours while rescuers worked to free her. Hultgren Construction already faces fines related to the [...]

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58-Year-Old Woman Killed in Kettering House Explosion

Investigators are trying to determine the cause of a home explosion in Kettering, Ohio, which left a woman dead and a house destroyed. The blast, which officials say may have been caused by a natural gas leak, follows a fatal Madison Township home explosion approximately one month prior, as well [...]

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Serious Injuries Reported in San Diego Parkour Platform Collapse

As many as 21 children and two adults were injured on November 11 when the platform at a San Diego, California, parkour facility collapsed. Some of the children went to the hospital with neck and back injuries, officials reported. Investigators are looking into what might have caused the structural failure, [...]

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Madison Township House Explosion Still Under Investigation

A Madison Township, Ohio, couple awoke to a real-life nightmare on November 6, 2017, when an explosion demolished their house. The explosion ultimately claimed one of their lives and destroyed the home the couple shared. Although a preliminary link has been found to a natural gas leak as the cause [...]

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Construction Workers Injured in Brooklyn Building Failure

Six construction workers suffered injuries when the Brooklyn building they were working in collapsed on Tuesday, October 17 at around 10:00 a.m. At least one of the workers was trapped for a while under the rubble while rescuers were called in to help, while four suffered serious injuries. The workers [...]

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Victim of Pennsylvania Apartment Building Collapse Speaks Out

The woman who survived almost 10 hours trapped under a refrigerator when the apartment building she was in collapsed is speaking out about her ordeal. She reportedly lived in the building a mere two weeks before the structure collapsed, but spent months in the hospital and still requires treatment for [...]

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Minneapolis Building Collapse Investigated for Possible Link to Contractors

The Minnehaha Academy community is in mourning after two of their staff were killed in an explosion and subsequent building collapse at the school's upper campus. A total of nine other people were injured in the school building collapse. The death toll could have been catastrophically higher had school been back [...]

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Millvale Building Collapse Seriously Injures Two Contractors

Two contractors suffered serious injuries when the Pennsylvania building they were working on collapsed on them. One of the contractors suffered injuries to his head while the other reportedly suffered fractures. The structural failure in Millvale is a reminder of the dangers of a building collapse during construction work. This [...]

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Woman Trapped in Pennsylvania Building Collapse for 10 Hours

One woman is trapped after a Pennsylvania building collapse occurred on July 12, 2017. The woman was reportedly trapped under a refrigerator that fell during the collapse. According to reports, the owner of the building has been cited for unsafe conditions in the past. Luckily, no one was killed in [...]

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