Boeing Sued in Connection to Commercial Airliner Crash

One thing that it is essential for airplane manufacturers to do is to take proper steps to ensure that the parts on the vehicles they produce do not contain defects. Defects in airplane parts can be very dangerous. They can sometimes cause malfunctions to occur that can put a plane at risk of crashing. Plane crashes, particularly crashes involving large commercial airliners, can have staggeringly high injury numbers. One option a person who has been hurt in a plane accident and suspects that a mechanical defect was involved may have available to them is to bring a lawsuit against the plane’s manufacturer.

Recently, the airplane manufacturer Boeing has been sued in relation to an aviation accident we have discussed previously on this blog. The accident in question is the crash of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 at San Francisco International Airport. This commercial airliner accident occurred on July 6. Three of the plane’s occupants died and another 180+ suffered injuries.

The lawsuit is being brought by over 80 passengers who say they were hurt in the crash.

The plane involved in the accident was a Boeing 777. The lawsuit alleges that there were defective/improperly-installed parts on the plane which caused there to be problems with the plane’s low airspeed warning system. The lawsuit further claims that Boeing knew of these problems and did not take proper steps to address them.

Based on these allegations, the lawsuit is asking that Boeing be held partially liable for the crash and pay damages to the plaintiffs.

Source: CNN, “Asiana crash victims sue Boeing,” Joe Sutton, Jan. 19, 2014

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