Airline Maintenance Certifications

Flying is a normal method of transportation for most people in the United States. For some people, a flight can be a relatively rare but useful way of taking a vacation while for others it is a normal part of their professional lives if travel is required for job positions. Either way, Los Angeles residents take to the skies on regular basis and must be aware of the risks involved and know how to be prepared to take action if a problem occurs, especially if personal injury or wrongful death results to a loved one.

What is involved in becoming an airline maintenance worker?

Because maintenance failures are one possible cause of airline crashes it can be important to understand what is involved in becoming an airline maintenance worker. As outline by the Federal Aviation Administration, the basic requirements for receiving certification to work in maintenance jobs on aircraft include the following:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Be completely fluent in English in writing, speech and reading.
  • Have a minimum of 18 months of experience in power plants or airframes or 30 months of combined experience.
  • In lieu of the above experience, graduation from a Federal Aviation Administration approved Aviation Maintenance Technical School is acceptable.
  • Pass the required tests as administered by the FAA.

The tests are given in three formats including a written, an oral and a practical test.

How involved are the maintenance certification tests?

According to the FAA website, the oral test for maintenance certification covers a total of 43 subjects. The practical test covers those subjects as well. Applicants can take tests specific to just airframe or power plants and each one of those exams lasts roughly eight hours. There is also a test that covers both topics.

If an applicant fails a test, 30 days must be waited in most cases before a retake is allowed. There is an exception to this for any person with proof that special training in a specific area has been achieved. In these cases, retakes can happen without waiting 30 days. All testing must be completed and successfully passed within a two-year period.

What can passengers and families do?

When an airline crash happens, the results can be devastating. It is important for all victims and loved ones to be prepared to get legal help when seeking compensation. Securing the right attorney promptly is a critical step toward getting the justice that is deserved.


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