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Pilots Warned of Safety Issues Long Before NYC Helicopter Crash

Pilots involved with FlyNYON have come forward-despite worries about being fired or blacklisted in the industry-to say that they repeatedly raised safety concerns with the flight tourism company before the fatal March 11, 2018, helicopter crash that killed five people. The pilots, who have sought whistle-blower protection to avoid negative repercussions [...]

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NTSB Blames Fatal Hawaii Helicopter Crash on Improper Maintenance

Further highlighting the importance of proper aircraft maintenance in preventing fatalities, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has blamed a deadly helicopter crash on improper maintenance. The tragedy occurred almost exactly two years ago as a group of tourists was on a sightseeing tour in Honolulu, Hawaii. A 16-year-old passenger died [...]

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Three Tourists Killed in Grand Canyon Helicopter Crash

A helicopter tour turned tragic on Saturday, February 10, 2018, when a helicopter carrying six British tourists crashed in the Grand Canyon. Three tourists died, and four people, including the pilot, suffered critical injuries. Officials are now investigating what caused the Eurocopter EC-130 to crash, but one important factor in the [...]

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Stony Ridge Helicopter Crash Kills Two

The initial stage of a National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigation into a helicopter crash in Stony Ridge, Ohio, is underway, but authorities say it will likely take about a year to identify the cause of the crash. Two men, one from Ohio and one from West Virginia, were killed [...]

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Planes Collide on Runway at Pearson and JFK Airports

Two separate incidents on runways at different airports in North America highlight that even when planes are on the ground, there is a risk of runway accidents causing injury to passengers and crew. Although many people ignore the warnings that when a plane is taxiing on the runway, they must remain [...]

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