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Did the Asiana Crew Fail to Monitor Air Speed?

Within hours of the crash landing of Asiana flight OZ214 at San Francisco’s airport, National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB) chairman Deborah Hersman was on the scene. Over the next five days she gave daily briefings to the media on how her agency’s investigation was proceeding and what they had found. [...]

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승객 캐빈속의 영웅들

Heroes in the Passenger Cabin 아시아나 충돌에 대한 정보가 끝없이 들어오면서 , 여러 사람들 대화속에 나오는 제일 큰 질문은 ‘이게 어떻게 된 일인가? ’ 라는 질문이다. 어떤 사람들은  "내가 그 토요일날 보잉 777에 타 있었으면 어떻게 했을까?” -  “내 동료 여행자를 도와줬을까?” -  “혼자 출구쪽으로 뛰어 나갔을까?” 라는 질문들을 자신에게 [...]

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Asiana Flight OZ214 Crash Animations

In the video above, courtesy of John Suchocki and Eyewitness Animations, we see from a side view the accident aircraft (the grey plane) approach versus a normal aircraft (the blue plane) approach for landing at San Francisco International Airport (SFO). The animation is for illustration purposes only, as [...]

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Commercial Airliner Crashes at San Francisco Airport

When a commercial airliner crashes, the plane's passengers can suffer great harm. Such accidents can sometimes even have deadly results. As you have likely heard, a commercial airliner accident occurred in California over the weekend. The accident happened on Saturday at San Francisco International Airport. That day, an airplane crashed as it [...]

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Aviation Attorney Paul Hedlund Discusses Asiana Flight 214 Crash at SFO

Attorney and mechanical engineer, Paul Hedlund, sat down in the studio with KNBC 4 News Los Angeles one day after the crash landing of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 at SFO. Mr. Hedlund gave insights as to what he thinks may have happened just before the crash and what the airplane itself [...]

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Two Killed in Plane Crash in Southern California

It is a sad reality that plane crashes sometimes occur. Such accidents can be extremely harmful. They can sometimes even result in fatalities. This can be seen in an airplane accident that occurred over the weekend in Southern California. On Saturday, a plane crashed in a field in Oxnard. It [...]

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