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California Man Killed in Colorado Plane Crash

The environment that planes routinely operate in is one of the more challenging ones a product can face. Given the high altitudes and high speeds planes travel at, the margin for error for the components of planes is incredibly small. Thus, it is extremely important for planes and their components [...]

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Three Killed in Private Plane Crash

Many private planes fly here in California. A great deal of harm can occur when a private airplane crashes. Sadly, such airplane accidents often result in fatalities. There are many different things that can result in private plane accidents occurring. One potential cause is human error, such as negligence by a pilot [...]

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Helicopter Crashes into River, Injures Three

Sadly, helicopter crashes sometimes occur here in California. Individuals can suffer severe injuries in such aviation accidents. Recently, in one of California's neighboring states, a helicopter accident happened which injured multiple people. The neighboring state in question is Oregon. The accident occurred on Monday. That day, a Bell JetRanger helicopter crashed into [...]

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Northern California Plane Accident Kills Two

A plane accident recently occurred in California that resulted in fatalities. The accident happened on Tuesday. That morning, two individuals were flying in a plane in Northern California. The reason the two individuals were flying was to conduct an air patrol. The patrol was of a natural gas pipe line [...]

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로펌 바움 해드런드 아시아나 OZ214 승객의 대표로 고용되다.

Baum Hedlund Hired to Represent Asiana OZ214 Passengers 2013년 7월 6일 샌프란시스코 국제공항에서 보잉 777 추락으로 인해 받은 부상 주장을 표현하기 위해 아시아나 항공 승객들은 바움 해드런드 애리스테이 앤드 골드만 로펌을 고용하고 있다. 이 로펌 항공 변호사들은 비행기 충돌한 날 바로 전문가의 해설을 원했던 매체들에게부터 연락을 받고 며칠 후 아시아나 [...]

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Did the Asiana Crew Fail to Monitor Air Speed?

Within hours of the crash landing of Asiana flight OZ214 at San Francisco’s airport, National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB) chairman Deborah Hersman was on the scene. Over the next five days she gave daily briefings to the media on how her agency’s investigation was proceeding and what they had found. [...]

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