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Aircraft Evacuation Slide Opens Mid-Air

United Airlines Flight 1463 was forced make an emergency landing early Sunday night when an evacuation slide inflated in the back of the cabin. The plane was traveling from Chicago to Santa Ana when it was diverted to Wichita after the incident. The evacuation slide would normally be deployed outside [...]

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NTSB Finds Boeing Partly to Blame for Asiana SFO Crash

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has released a synopsis of its findings and probable cause report regarding the July 6, 2013 crash of Asiana Flight 214, Boeing 777-200ER, at San Francisco International Airport. The plane crashed during final approach at SFO when it struck a seawall at the end of [...]

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If the NTSB Does Not Fight for the Truth, Who Will?

A recent publication from USA Today highlights many egregious safety problems related to small aircraft, including the NTSB’s lack of thorough investigations. I recently commented on the fact that, all too often, the truth about what caused or contributed to the causes of aviation accidents is not uncovered until lawyers willing [...]

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Are NTSB Investigations of Private Airplane Crashes Designed to Ferret Out Truth or Protect Corporations?

USA Today’s reports on the concealed safety issues related to small plane crashes and the shortcomings of the NTSB’s follow up after an accident. Often, a lawsuit is the only way to reveal the true cause. In a hard hitting three part series, USA Today has exposed a system of investigation [...]

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One Dead, Others Hurt in Arizona Plane Crash

One person was killed and five others sustained injuries on Saturday when a small plane on a sightseeing tour crashed roughly 500 feet from an airport runway in northern Arizona. The fatal crash happened in Page, the center of a tourist area roughly 200 miles outside of Phoenix. Authorities say [...]

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16 Year-Old Boy Sneaks on Plane to Hawaii

Officials are taking a hard look at augmenting airport security after a 16-year-old boy hitched a ride on a jumbo jet from San Jose to Maui on April 20, 2014, by sneaking in the landing gear wheel well of Hawaiian Airlines Flight 45. The teen apparently hopped an airport fence, [...]

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