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Six Months of Torturous Waiting | Missing GPS = Missing Jetliner

Airliners have yet to equip their fleet with GPS tracking devices which could prevent difficulties in locating a crashed airplane like MH370. It can strain one’s credulity that a huge passenger jet airplane could be put on the market without a commonly available piece of technology: a GPS tracking system. To be [...]

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Families of Three U.S. Army Soldiers File Lawsuit over Crash of Military Blackhawk Helicopter

September 8, 2014, Los Angeles, California -- The mother of a U.S. Army pilot and two other U.S. Army service members and their wives have filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles, California, alleging that mechanical failure caused a Sikorsky MH-60M helicopter to crash during a training flight at Hunter Army [...]

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Malaysia’s Transport Minister Pushes for Real-Time Aircraft Tracking and Data Sharing

In the wake of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 and Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 tragedies, Malaysian Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai is pushing for global rules on aircraft tracking and the sharing of safety information over conflict areas. According to Air Traffic Management, Liow put forward suggestions aimed at improving commercial aviation [...]

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