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The Mysterious Disappearance of Flight MH370 Sparks Debate over Aviation Safety Requirements

As usual, it takes a tragedy to spark movement in the direction of safety. This is a cynical approach to safety in any industry, but particularly terrible when it comes to transportation vehicles, whether they are airplanes, helicopters, trucks, cars, railroads or ships. Historically, manufacturers have rather consistently dragged their feet [...]

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Families of Army Soldiers File Lawsuit over Fatal Helicopter Crash in Afghanistan

March 3, 2015, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -- The families of two Army servicemen have filed a lawsuit against the engine parts manufacturers for a helicopter crash that occurred outside of Kandahar, Afghanistan. The crash left one soldier dead and the other with severe disabilities. Katie Groves of Georgia, representing the estate [...]

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Oil Rig Worker Believes Search for MH370 is Being Conducted Thousands of Miles in the Wrong Direction

A man from New Zealand stated he believes that the search for the missing MH370 is happening thousands of miles in the wrong direction. The official search is being conducted elsewhere, based on pings from what's believed to have been MH370. Eyewitness reports are often crucial, and also often misleading. An [...]

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MH370 Declared an Accident, Opening the Door for Death Certificates and Compensation Claims

The Malaysian government has officially declared the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 an accident, which clears the way for death certificates to be issued for those aboard the plane. It also means that compensation claims for the families of victims can now move forward. Thursday’s statement by the Malaysian government [...]

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