Aviation Investigation & Litigation

Aviation Investigation & Litigation

Aviation Investigation and Air Crash Litigation by National Aviation Accident Attorneys

Aviation accidents can be traced to a variety of causes including pilot error, manufacturer defects, maintenance, runway incursions or weather. Law firms performing an aviation investigation on airplane or helicopter accidents must identify every potential cause as well as all the parties potentially responsible for those inter-related causes. For over 40 years, Baum, Hedlund, Aristei & Goldman attorneys have investigated the causes of aviation accident cases and pursued the associated claims against negligent defendants.

Our aviation attorneys have the legal knowledge and practical experience to properly conduct an aviation investigation in order to ferret out the potential causes of aviation accidents, and to pursue all appropriate claims against any responsible party including the airline, helicopter or small aircraft company, aircraft manufacturer, parts manufacturer or the maintenance company.

KCAL 9 News Los Angeles interviews airline disaster lawyer, Paul Hedlund, about the specifics of an airline crash.

It is our job to obtain results for our clients by using effective aviation investigation, litigation and resolution strategies.

We have many years of hard-fought, winning experience litigating or settling cases involving virtually all of the major insurance carriers. Consequently, we know the merits of these cases and the practices of our opponents. We use both to benefit our clients.

In all product liability aviation accident cases we handle, we also conduct our own investigation on behalf of our clients. It is very important for aviation attorneys to thoroughly examine and scrutinize all of the evidence related to the crash so we can prosecute the case to the fullest extent to obtain maximum compensation and justice for our clients. Our investigation is complimentary to the NTSB investigation, and, importantly, supplemental to the hard work of these investigators. It is often the case that our investigation leads to important information not revealed or incorporated into the government’s work.

We have a go-to team of world-class experts (some who worked for the NTSB) that we team with on a regular basis to rigorously and carefully reconstruct and analyze the accident to determine the cause of the crash.

Our principal goal is to be in the best position to represent our clients and to further the effort to minimize devastating injuries or future loss of life through a complete understanding, and expert analysis, of what caused the devastating losses.

Our law firm has successfully resolved major aviation disaster cases against Aerospatiale, Airbus, Airbus Helicopters, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Bell Helicopter Textron, Beechcraft, Boeing, Bombardier, British European Airways, Cessna, China Eastern Airlines, Colgan Air/Continental Express, Delta Airlines, EgyptAir, Eurocopter, Hawker Beechcraft, Honeywell, Korean Air, McDonnell Douglas, Pacific Southwest Airlines, Piper, Raytheon, Robinson Helicopter Co., Sikorsky, Singapore Airlines, Southwest Airlines, SwissAir, TACA Airlines, TWA, United Airlines, and US Airways, among others.

The senior attorneys of our law firm head the team that prepares every aviation investigation and case. Two of our attorneys are also pilots. John Greaves, a former airline captain, was an attorney at our firm for 20 years, handling over 35 airline crashes before he went into semi-retirement. He is now a consultant to our firm. Each of our pilot-attorneys lend considerable technical expertise to our analysis of aviation crashes and incidents. This wide range of knowledge aids in effectively investigating and litigating our clients’ cases.