Aviation Attorney and Former Pilot, John Greaves, Interviewed About the ASA Airlines Crash in Georgia

KCAL Channel 9 | August 25, 1995

NTSB investigators are focusing their attention on faulty propeller blades as the possible cause of the crash of Atlantic Southeast Airlines (ASA) Flight 529 which crashed on August 21, 1995 in Carrollton, Georgia.  The propeller blade which broke up in flight is one of the same type of blades, Hamilton Standard models 14F and 14SF, being targeted in three separate investigations of in flight failures. These blades are commonly used on commuter planes worldwide. They questioned aviation crash attorney and pilot, John Greaves, about the blades and the ASA crash. Greaves believes that the FAA is “tardy and they’re a day late and a dollar short in their response to these problems,” and said that the traveling public does have something to be concerned about here. Baum Hedlund represented five victims from this ASA crash.

Air Date: 8-25-1995
Incident Date: 8-21-1995