An American Airlines flight from San Francisco to Dallas was forced to make an emergency landing on Monday when the walls of the passenger cabin started to break apart, exposing the plane’s insulation. Passengers aboard American Airlines Flight 2293 say they heard popping sounds when the plane began to shake violently moments after taking off from San Francisco International Airport. They also reported feeling a change in cabin pressure, something that an American Airlines spokesman would later refute. AA spokesman, Matt Miller, told the Daily Mailthat the plane “did not lose cabin pressure” and that “oxygen masks did not deploy.”

The captain initially told passengers that the flight would continue on to Dallas because the plane’s pressure was stable, but after personally inspecting the crack, he changed his mind and turned the plane around. Passenger James Wilson said the crack in the passenger cabin was in Row 14 and went from the floor to the ceiling. Wilson snapped some photos of the crack and posted them on his Facebook page, telling his friends to “pray for us.”

The Boeing 757 plane landed safely back at SFO and was met on the tarmac by emergency responders. No one on the flight sustained any injuries. The plane was taken out of service so inspectors can take a look at the issue.

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