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“Selling Sickness” Two-day Pharmaceutical Conference - October 7-8 in Amsterdam

Healthy Skepticism (Netherlands) is hosting a two-day conference called “Selling Sickness” on October 7-8 in Amsterdam. The conference is designed for everyone with an interest in pharmaceutical information and promotion including: health professionals, policy makers, staff of government health and regulatory departments, inspectors, staff of pharmaceutical, advertising and public relations companies, staff of NGOs and journalists.

Selling sickness

Conference topics:

  • What is selling sickness and is it for real?
  • What new methods are being used?
  • Learning from documented examples
  • Who pays the bill?
  • Redesigning the system?
  • The need for new regulations and guidelines
  • New responsibilities for main stakeholders?
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Baum, Hedlund, Aristei & Goldman will be presenting at one of the “poster sessions.” Our presentation is entitled “Secret Pharmaceutical Company Documents Obtained in Litigation: Revelations and Release in the Interest of Public Health,” based on two decades of our firm’s pharmaceutical product liability litigation experience.  Poster sessions create an opportunity to share and debate a wide range of views consistent with the theme of this conference.

Confidential documents obtained in antidepressant litigation in the United States and released into the public domain have revealed pharmaceutical industry misconduct, including exposure of hidden risks and overblown efficacy, selective reporting of efficacy and safety, conflicts of interests and rampant ghostwriting of medical journal articles for marketing purposes.

Law firms can play a vital role in gaining public release of company-designated confidential documents from pharmaceutical litigation as the American law firm, Baum, Hedlund, Aristei & Goldman, has successfully done.  Documents publicly released as a result of Baum Hedlund’s legal challenges to their confidentiality have played a key role in government investigations, oversight and regulation of industry, media coverage of pharmaceutical industry misconduct and academic access and commentary on these subjects.

It should be noted that Baum Hedlund strictly adheres to the terms of any confidentiality agreements in force in litigation in which it is involved.  Only in those instances where company documents are no longer designated “confidential” are these documents made available to the public.

What: Selling Sickness International Conference

When: October 7-8, 2010

Where: Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam

The conference is sponsored by:

The Dutch Ministry of Health and Health Care Inspectorate

Healthy Skepticism International

Co-sponsored by the World Health Organization, Regional Office for Europe

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